There are two reasons why I love photographing alternative wedding celebrations (actually there are many, but these are the two big ones).

1) Couples plan the day around what makes them excited regardless of what’s been done before or what others expect.

2) I’ve always found new experiences exciting, so the chance to photograph a wedding with so many elements I haven’t seen before is awesome!

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph loads of alternative weddings in locations from cliff tops to city centres and marquees to skateparks. My personal view is that your wedding day is just that, YOUR day. It is a chance to celebrate the unique personalities of you and your partner and your even more unique relationship, in front of all your most favourite people in the world. How rare is it that you have all your best friends and family in one spot? Sadly (I’ve been told I shouldn’t say this when talking about weddings but oh well) the next time all these people are together in one spot it’s likely to be one of your funerals.

If you’re looking for an alternative wedding photographer to capture the energy and atmosphere of your day and mix in with your guests, then please say hello. I’d love to meet up, share more about my approach and hear more about your exciting plans! Also feel free to have a browse and check out more of my work, wedding tips, prices or examples of the most recent alternative weddings I’ve photographed.

“When looking back over the photos one feels as if the music has just been turned down low and we are straight back in there! We cannot recommend Matt enough!”

Eliza & Brom