A Stunning Coniston Coppermines Wedding in the Lake District (so much room for activities!)

Sitting in my freezing room (boiler’s out) and going through Laura and Matt’s sun filled Coniston Coppermines Wedding in the Lake District as been a welcomed break from the winter gloom. Such blue skies and lush green. On their wedding day the forecast said rain, but we defied the BBC.

So Much Room For Activities

It’s hard to know where to start with this wedding as going through the photos I’m reminded of so many awesome moments. From the preparation to their first look and so many in-between moments and fun shenanigans. The atmosphere was one of relaxation, fun and adventure. The Coppermines Cottages were a beautiful venue with left so much room for activities! From Nerf Gun battles to playing in the steam to a chilled drink enjoying the spectacular view.

I’m usually more focused on expressions and emotions than what people are wearing, but seriously how cool do these two look?!


Confetti cannons at the Coniston Coppermines Cottages.

It’s Hard to Beat a Good Cocktail

A special shout out has to go to Hayden who was in charge of the cocktails. I’m a big fan of an Espresso Martini but never had I had one this mouth wateringly good. His Old Fashioned (another favourite) was close behind.

From a previous meet up with Laura and Matt I knew a good drink was important to them. The day of their engagement shoot fell on the day after the Brexit referendum which left myself along with the rest of London in a relative state of numbness. However, Laura came to the rescue with a couple of delicious (Latin American inspired) Gin & Tonics which quickly put us in the mood for the shoot ahead. It was also during this trip that I was introduced to Dead Pool as a graphic novel (just finished my first one). So thanks Matt!

Laura & Matt’s Coniston Coppermines Wedding Celebrations

Slight detour there. Back to the wedding. One of the firsts for me at their wedding was doing a first look before the ceremony. Laura and Matt aren’t great fans of being the centre of attention and rather than see each other for the first time surrounded by people, they wanted to have a quite moment alone. A chance to share in the excitement together before things kicked off. A great example of a couple doing what works for them which is what a wedding day should be about. Another cool thing was Matt decided to take Laura’s last name (Muse), which is a pretty awesome name.

From beginning to end, their Coppermines Wedding in the Lake District was filled with character, joy and partying (dam what a party). Congratulations again guys and best of luck in all your future adventures together!

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Coppermine Cottages | Epic Cocktails: One Point Eight Bar (Hayden)

If you’re planning a wedding at the Coniston Coppermines in the Lake District or any other awesome location and are looking for a natural style of wedding photography to capture all the emotion and energy of your day then get in contact to check my availability!