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Photographing Real People Being Awesome at Life

Hi! I’m Matt, a London wedding photographer loving life in the cultural melting pot that is this wonderful city. I capture the unforgettable moments shared by you and your favourite people. Dad’s proud tears, belly laughs at your best man’s speech, and kids napping under tables while grandma busts out crazy moves on the dance floor. All those in-between moments that are just as valuable as the big ones. If you love real moments as much as I do, here’s a little video for you to enjoy.

Here’s How I’ll Capture These Moments At Your Wedding

At your wedding I will mix in as one of the guests so that you can forget the camera is even there. This approach also allows me to capture all the action as it happens up close without being intrusive. Even during the portraits and formals (the only time you’ll ever see me direct anything) things are kept fun and relaxed. So if you usually feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll also interact with you ahead of your wedding so I’m not rocking up as a stranger on the day.

My lovely couples have described my style and approach asfun • down to earth • creative • genuinerelaxed • natural • fanbloodytastic

Witnessing and Loving the Diversity at Weddings

Your wedding is a fantastic opportunity to highlight your unique awesomeness while bringing together all your favourite people from around the world. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with so many inspiring couples from a huge range of backgrounds just doing things their way. From an epic festival wedding to an intimate picnic wedding. Be it with 5 guests or 500 guests. Marriage is an adventure and your wedding is where it begins. Whether you’re getting married on the other side of the world or in a London pub around the corner I’d be thrilled to share in your adventure and capture your story.

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A Little Bit About Why I Became A Wedding Photographer Based In London

Growing up in an International School in Paris fostered in me a love for travel and exploring other cultures. Over the years my curiosity and thirst for new adventures has only grown. The cultural richness of this city is why I set myself up as a London wedding photographer. It has also allowed me to meet loads of cool overseas couples visiting London for their engagement shoots. If your wedding adventure is going to include any cultural, travel or adventurous elements I’d love to hear about them!

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"Every single person who came to the wedding has commented that they are the happiest and best wedding photos they have ever seen!"

Pearl & Hugo

Fun Tips For Planning Your Wedding Adventure

Planning a wedding should be fun and exciting! But sometimes it can feel like a bit of a headache – you’re suddenly expected to be an expert in so many areas! To help you get the most out of planning your wedding I’ve created a series of fun and informative articles on my blog.

Why Being A Wedding Photographer in London Rocks!

Firstly, without a doubt, it’s the people. London is filled with so much diversity, from cultural backgrounds and preferences to passions and interests. The more people I meet, the more humanity inspires me. Secondly it’s the range of locations I get to explore with my photography. From London’s famous historical landmarks to alternative urban hidden gems. We’re also surrounded by gorgeous countryside in the shires and have easy access to overseas adventures with 4 international airports. And thirdly, it’s the food. Having access to mouth watering food from every corner of the world is a foody’s wet dream.

"We are absolutely thrilled with our photos! With so much going on we're amazed that you managed to to get it all. Perhaps there were 3 of you, is that your secret?!"

Kirsten & Andrew

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