Planning a wedding can be pretty daunting, especially as most people will have no prior experience of the industry. So, to help you navigate through all the photography related jargon I’ve put together a list of the most common questions I receive from my couples.

If after reading through the FAQs you still have questions, you can fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll get back to you with an answer shortly.

Once you have found a photographer who’s photos you like and feel would be a great fit for your Wedding, there are 2 things I would always recommend checking:

1) Personality

Your photographer will be the one supplier who will be with you for your entire wedding day, from bridal preparation all the way through to your first dance and sometimes even later. The last thing you want is to book a photographer who’s personality clashes with yours. Before booking your photographer arrange to meet for a coffee or jump on a Skype video call.

2) Consistency

The images you view on a photographer’s website are often examples of their very best work. It is important to check that your photographer is consistently providing this quality of work for their couples. You want to book someone who can rock every wedding they work no matter the conditions. If they have a blog, you can often view fuller bodies of work here. If they don’t, just ask them to see examples of full weddings.

If getting traditional formal photos of all the different groups of your guests is a priority for you, then I’m probably not the best photographer for you. If however, you want a few group photos as a record of everyone who attended (and keep mum and dad happy) that’s no problem at all. I will work with you ahead of your wedding day to build a list of the group formals you want and then on the day apply an approach that ensures we can move through them quickly, allowing everyone to get back to the celebrations. On average I usually take 4-6 group photos per wedding.

As a travel lover I find destination weddings very exciting. It was actually while visiting different cultures and countries that I first discovered my love for photography and its power to capture some of the essence of what makes a place unique.

Although my package costs a little more for destination weddings this is only to cover my extra travel and accommodation expenses. I don’t charge anything extra for my time, even if it involves a 14 hour flight.

Yes I will. Useful information for me to have on your wedding day includes things like: the locations where you’ll be getting ready, the ceremony and reception, timelines for the day, a list of the group photos you’ll want and any sensitivities I should be aware of.

I collect all of this information from you via an online questionnaire a head of your wedding day. Why? I’m a big believer that the most important part of a wedding day is that the both of you have an awesome time. The last thing I want to do is bother you with loads of questions when you could be celebrating with your guests. So we get all the organisation bits out of the way before the wedding day.

You are not alone. Most people feel the same way and I’m no exception. I purposely keep my approach during engagement shoots and the portrait part of the wedding day relaxed and fun to make you feel at ease. If you’re really nervous before your engagement shoot we could always grab a quick pint and chat before hand to get you in the mood. You would not be the first.

Great question. The ‘first look’ has become very popular across the pond in the US over the past 10 years and is starting to creep into the UK. Essentially the bride and groom would have their first look (see each other for the first time) before the ceremony. Although a little different, there are several benefits to doing this:

1) Private Moment Alone – During a day that can feel a little overwhelming at times you will be able to cherish the first time you lay eyes on each other in a more intermit setting and enjoy a little time to yourselves.

2) Amazing photos of that special moment – The look on the groom’s face the first time he sees his beautiful bride is priceless, filled with emotion and joy. A first look gives the photographer the chance to capture this moment in all it’s beauty.

3) Take pressure off standing at the front of the church – for some grooms, standing at the front of the church in front of everyone and waiting for his bride (whom more often than not is running a little late) can be a stressful experience. Having enjoyed the moment earlier, he would no doubt be more relaxed.

4) Option to do the bride and groom formals and bridal party formals before the ceremony – the first look gives the opportunity to have the bride & groom photos and even some of the formal photos with the close family and bridal parties before the ceremony. This can be especially handy when you have a late ceremony.

5) Go straight to celebrating at the reception after the ceremony – doing 4) allows you to leave the church as a married couple and go straight into celebrating with your guests and a nice glass of champagne.

If you’re interest in doing a first look I’d love to discuss it with you further.

To date I have never missed a photography job, of any kind, from illness or injury and touch wood I never will. However, this is something I can not guarantee. Luckily, I am part of a wide community of wedding photographers, many of whom share a similar style and approach to me. If something did stop me from photographing your wedding, I would do everything I could to find a replacement.

I’ve never had any issues with my gear so far and have no reason to believe I would in the future. However as I learnt in scouts, ‘always be prepared’. So on your wedding day I bring back up camera bodies, lenses, batteries and memory cards. I also shoot all your images onto two memory cards throughout the day so even if one corrupted (a chance in a thousand) not a single image would be lost. As soon as I get home from your wedding your images are backed-up onto 3 different hard-drives to remove any chances of them being lost.

All my couples receive their wedding photos within 5-10 weeks of their wedding date.

If your images are high resolution it means that their quality is high enough that you can use them to have prints and albums made. Lower quality image may look great on social media but when you blow them up for prints you’ll notice the lower quality. Yes I do include high resolution images in all my packages. Although I do offer some fantastic beautifully made albums and extras I also want my couples to have the freedom to use their images to have products made that they enjoy.

Yes, I offer a beautiful range of modern products including albums. Having invested a huge amount of time at trade fairs talking to suppliers and sampling their products I have partnered with suppliers that provide the very best quality of awesome products. When we meet I’d love to share some of these with you.

Yes I am, as a full-time professional wedding photographer I am fully insured with both liability and indemnity insurance.