If you’re looking for a fun, friendly face to blend in as one of your guests, then I might be the perfect wedding photographer for you

The approach your photographer takes to capturing your wedding day matters because, unlike other suppliers, your photographer will be around you and your guests all day. Finding the right fit for you means an extra friendly face that enhances what is important to you.

Before I break down my approach below I’d like to share some words from a recent bride. I think she perfectly highlights why an approach is important and echoes what I’ve heard from many of my other couples over the years.

“In all honesty, we nearly did not have a photographer for the wedding. We had seen so many posed and unnatural photos, where the photographer had interrupted the wedding day, that it put us off.


However, at a friend’s wedding, we met Matt who had such a relaxed approach. When we saw the photos that he had taken, we decided that we should go for it as the result was amazing.


On the wedding day, it felt like he was just another guest, a friend who was enjoying the day and somehow managed to capture every moment. Now that the wedding has passed, we can honestly say that It is by far the best investment we made for the day.”


Cristina & Remi

8 Reasons Why Couples Book My Wedding Photography Approach

1. Moments, Moments, Moments

Weddings are filled with a wide range of emotions from the subtle touch of a hand or a lingering look, to your father laughing so hard he spits his drink out. There’s the big moments between your loved ones, but also the in-between moments, which may go unnoticed by most, but can often be the most powerful.

My goal is to capture it all, as they naturally happen, without direction or influence.

When you look back in years to come, your photos will keep your memories of the day fresh allowing you to enjoy the day again and again. Even those that couldn’t be present, like the next generation, can get a feel for what it was like to be there.

2. One of the Guests

A question I regularly get asked at weddings is “how do you know the couple?”. My relaxed, non-intrusive approach leads many wedding guests to assume I’m friends of the couple and just another guest (who loves taking photos).

This allows me to get close and capture the energy and atmosphere of the day without interrupting anyone’s enjoyment of the day.

I achieve this ‘guest status’ by mixing in with the guests, always having a smile on my face, dancing around on the dance floor and genuinely having a great time. It is this approach that allows me to capture so many energy-filled moments for you.

3. The Whole Story

Most couples book my full day (12 hours) package because they want to look back and enjoy the whole story of their day. Not just the big events in the middle but everything else either side.

Weddings are about the people and where you have people you have stories and moments. From sharing your nerves and excitement with your best friends before the ceremony to letting loose and going wild at the party. I love capturing all these behind the scenes stories.

4. An Awesome Experience

The experience you have working with me, from the first email all the way through to the delivery of your photos is just as important to me as the photos themselves. I keep the admin side of things simple and communication speedy and clear, allowing you to focus more time on the fun parts of planning a wedding. To ensure this level of service, I take on no more than 30 weddings each year.

When you look back at your photos I want you to remember how amazing you felt. And if you remember the fella behind the camera at all I want it to be a really positive memory.

5. Creative, Character Filled Portraits

A few portraits on your wedding day (if you’d like them) is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a moment together away from the craziness of the day and for us to get some awesome photos of just the two of you.

As well as having fun creatively, one of my main goals is to get photos that show off your characters. I keep these sessions fun and relaxed, with minimal direction, capturing your energy and excitement from the day. Not wanting to keep you away from your friends and family for long these sessions usually last around 15 minutes. If you’d like more portrait photos, we can spend more time together.

6. Yes I do take Family Formals

I may not show them on my website, but I’ve photographed group formals at every wedding to date (I’d be happy to show you some examples of these in full galleries when we chat).

Group formals aren’t sexy but they do act as a record of the people most important to you. Their value comes down the line when some of those people may not be with us anymore. It’s also fun to see the old school haircuts that were popular back in the day. I work with you ahead of the wedding to find out what formals you’d like and usually we get through these in 15 minutes on the day.

7. And Details Too

Similar to formals, I may not show many details on my website but I shoot them at every wedding I attend. If you’ve taken the time to make something for your wedding, then I believe it’s important to document it. Details add to the story too, especially if it captures your personalities and values.

When we chat I’d be happy to show you a full gallery of a recent wedding and the details/decorations I photographed.

8. Your Day, Your Way

Whatever you have planned for your day, my goal is to capture it in all its awesomeness. Be it a country or urban wedding, alternative or classic, London based or on the other side of the world (I do love a good travel adventure). When it comes to your wedding, the sky really is the limit of what you can do.

If you’d like tips or advice I’m always happy to share ideas from my experience witnessing over 100 weddings.

Think I’d be the perfect fit to photograph your wedding celebrations? I’d love to hear from you!

Picking a wedding photographer can be tricky right?! There are so many styles and approaches out there! That’s why I offer a call where you can meet me, see a full wedding gallery and ask me any questions you might have.

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