"Our guests commented numerous times how unlike other photographers Matt was, not in any way obtrusive but instead he just blended in like one of the guests (at times I almost forgot he wasn't a guest!!)"

Bonita & Ian

1. Moments, Moments, Moments

The focus of my approach has always been about capturing moments as they naturally happen, without direction or influence. Wedding are filled with a wide range of emotions and interactions throughout the day that provide an endless amount of moments to capture. Not just the big moments, but also the in-between moments, the moments that go unnoticed by most, but can often be the most powerful. One of the main values of capturing these moments in a photo, is that when you look back in years to come, they refresh your memories of the day and you are reminded of exactly how it felt to be there. Even those that couldn’t be present, like the next generation, can get a feel for what it was like.

2. The Whole Story

I only offer a full coverage package because I want to be there to capture the whole story of your day. Not just the big events in the middle but everything else either side. Weddings are about the people and where you have people you have stories and moments happening (like the Llamas escaping from the bottom of the garden) . I love capturing these behind the scenes stories. This is why I always offer time with both partners before the ceremony and stay well after the first dance to capture all the party awesomeness.

3. Getting Creative

As well as capturing moments that show what it felt like to be at your wedding, I like to get creative. Creative composition tools (reflections, leading lines, rule of thirds etc) and creative use of light can create added interest and awesomeness to a photo. It can also be used to focus the viewers attention on the story you’re trying to show (eg the quiet look of excitement on a brides face during makeup).

4. One of the Guests

As mentioned at the top, on the day I’m often seen as one of the guests rather than a wedding photographer. This is no accident. By being seen as a guest not only does it make people feel more relaxed around me, allowing me access but it also helps me tap into the energy and atmosphere of the day, the very thing I’m trying to capture for you. I achieve this ‘guest status’ by doing a range of things, including dressing like a guest, mixing in and chatting with guests, eating with the guests, dancing around on the dance floor and genuinely having a great time. It is this approach that allows me to capture the level of moments and energy you see on my website.

5. An Awesome Experience

The experience you have working with me, from the first email all the way through to the delivery of your photos is just as important to me as the quality of your photos. I want you to look back and without a doubt know that I had a positive impact on your wedding experience. This also extends to the experience your guests have with me during your wedding, bonus of the ‘guest approach’.

6. It's About the People

Possibly the best thing about a wedding day is that it’s one of the few times in life where you get all your favourite people in the world (friends and family) together in one spot. It also helps that it’s for something awesome. It is on capturing the true characters of you and your favourite people that I will focus my time.

7. Creative Character Filled Portraits

A few portraits on your wedding day (if you’d like them) is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a moment together away from the craziness of the day and for us to get some awesome photos of just the two of you. As well as having fun creativity with portraits one of my main goals is to get photos that show off your characters. It is for this reason I keep these sessions fun and relaxed, with minimal direction, usually just working off your energy and excitement from the day. Not wanting to keep you away from your friends and family for long these sessions usually last around 15 minutes.

8. Yes I do take Family Formals

Having not seen any family group photos on my website you may have started to wonder if I do these at weddings. Well, the answer is ‘yes I do’. I’ve photographed group formals at every wedding to date and I’d be happy to show you some examples of these in full galleries when we meet. Although, I’d admit this isn’t my favourite part of the day, I do see the value in it. Group formals aren’t sexy but they do act as a record of the people most important to you. Their value comes down the line when some of those people may not be with us anymore, plus it’s fun to see the oldschool haircuts. I work with you ahead of the wedding to find out what formals you would like and usually we get through these in 15 minutes on the day.

9. And Details Too

I may not show details elsewhere on my website but I shoot them at every wedding I attend because if you’ve taken the time to make something for your wedding then it’s important to you. And if it’s important to you then I’m going to capture it. The details you choose for your wedding can also say a lot about your characters. For example, Matt (groom of the above wedding) really likes zombies.

10. Fun, Fun Fun

Yes, weddings are fun! And the planning of them should be fun too. That’s why, as part of your wedding experience, I want all your interactions with me to be fun too. From a laugh over a glass of wine when we first meet to our Skype call in the week leading up to your wedding, partying together on the day itself and up to the delivery of your photos and (if you want one) the designing of your album. Come to think of it….this job really is pretty awesome :)