“Matt is like a warming cup of cocoa in wedding photographer form. Comforting, stress-relieving, and always delivers.”

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Hi, I’m Matt.

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I’m a social introvert, travel-loving, coffee-fueled dyslexic and a bit of a geek at heart who’s always up for a good food adventure. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to have Corina as my partner in crime. I’ve photographed over 140 weddings in 18 countries across 3 continents and counting (teachers at school never told me this was a career option).

I followed a fairly traditional path (Economics degree at Bath Uni and a job at a Consultancy firm in London) until about 10 years ago when I found my love for photography. I went full time as a wedding photographer 7 years ago and have never looked back.

Why wedding photography?

People Rock!

I find people fascinating. At weddings, you get to witness the very best bits of the human experience. From hearing tales of achievements and challenges overcome to witnessing first hand the connections between loved ones, emotion and joy. At weddings, people lower their barriers and are just their awesome selves.

As a photographer, nowhere else are you given a free licence to capture such a powerful (and fun) range of human engagement and emotion.

Energy & Atmosphere

Mix wedding guests in with a sense of celebration, some music and a dash of alcohol and you have the makings of an awesome party. Capturing the energy and atmosphere of a wedding for people to enjoy in years to come is a blast! With so much going on there are loads of opportunities to push my photography skills and find the best way to tell your unique story.

Looking through my photos, while seeing consistency in quality and style, you can also witness the individuality of the characters and celebrations for each wedding.


And that’s my goal, to capture all this awesomeness – from peoples characters and connections between each other to the energy and atmosphere of the day – so that it can be enjoyed again and again in the years to come. Either from people present on the day or those that couldn’t make it or haven’t been born yet.

Sometimes I bump into previous couples at weddings and hear the ways they’ve enjoyed their photos and the impact they’ve had. It puts a silly grin on my face and warms my heart every time.

Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Wondering why I’m sharing this with you? Your wedding photographer will be the one supplier who’s hanging out with you and your family and friends on your wedding day. Who wants a complete stranger present at their wedding?

Meet my Amazing Partner In Crime

Photos of London wedding photographer Matt Badenoch
More photos of wedding photographer Matt Badenoch

Most of these photos are hanging up around our home. Whenever I pass them they bring a smile to my face, reminding me how lucky I am. This is the power of photos in print form. A massive thanks to the amazing photographers who took these photos – Jamie Sia, Chantelle Gribbon and Igor Demba.

Combining My Passions For Travel & Photography

One of the most defining parts of my childhood was being sent to an International School in Paris from 5-11 years old. Growing up with kids from all over the world fostered in me a love for travel and exploring other cultures. Over the years my curiosity and thirst for new adventures have only grown.

It was during a 6-month stint working in Sierra Leone that I truly began my relationship with photography. I quickly fell in love with the camera’s ability to show the energy of a place and people’s characters. 10 years later and this is still core to how I photograph weddings.

The cultural richness of this city is why I set myself up as a London wedding photographer. It has also allowed me to meet loads of cool overseas couples visiting London for their proposal and engagement shoots.

These days (when there aren’t global pandemics) I organise ‘Street Photography’ trips with small groups where we travel to exciting places and get lost with our cameras. Previous locations have included Cuba, Nepal, India and Colombia.

Check Out More of My Travel Photos

Now you know all about me, I’d love to hear about you two!

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I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured in a number of ‘Top Wedding Photographer’ lists, most recently Shutterturf’s top wedding photographers in London.