Digital is fantastic for sharing your Wedding Photos in the short time after your wedding. Be it via a Slideshow, Online Gallery, or Social Media. However, in the years and decades to come, you still can’t beat print for getting the most value out of your wedding photos. Be it a print hanging on your wall which ever day reminds you of that awesome day or an album you take from the shelf to share the experience of your wedding day with your children.

After researching dozens of suppliers over the phone, at tradeshows and online I finally found Folio – a company that shares in my values and creates the most beautiful Wedding Albums I’ve ever seen. All Folio’s albums are hand crafted with great care and precision here in the UK. Previously being a wedding photographer himself, the founder of Folio has a fantastic understanding of how to create albums that provide the best possible value for couples.

Interested to see how your hand crafted album has been made? Folio has created the below video. 

Leather Bound Luxury Wedding Album

I only offer one type of Album because I consider it to be the best possible way to enjoy your photos in years to come and I only want to offer you the very best. The Album is leather bound, giving it a luxurious timeless feel. It has 40 lay-flat pages which will allow you to enjoy around 80 photos from your wedding day, which you get to select yourselves. To add your personal touch you can choose one of 5 beautifully coloured leathers for the cover of your Album. The album comes in two sizes, 10″x 10″ or 12″ x 12″.

The Details: 10″x 10″ or 12″ x 12″ Leather Bound Album with 40 lay-flat pages (option to go up to 80 pages)

Colours available: Airforce Blue, Pill Box Read, Saddle Wood Brown, Ebony Black, Jade Green [click below images to enlarge]

Price: £680 (10″x 10″), £800 (12″x 12″)

Parent Albums

In addition to the large album, which is perfect for your own home, I also offer duplicate parent albums which are idea for (as the name suggests) your parents and other friends and family. The layout and design of these albums are an exact duplicate of your large album and can only be ordered with a large album. Since no design time is required for these albums I can offer them at a lower price. Similar to the Large Albums, with the Parent Albums you can choose the colour of your Album’s cover (as the cover material is made from cotton instead of leather the colour options differ).

The Details: 6″ x 6″, 40 lay-flat pages

Colours Available: Midnight Blue, Mulberry Red, Clover Green, Jet Black [click below images to enlarge]

Price: £280