A fun filled alternative Left Bank Leeds Wedding with a Party Hyde Park Skate Park

Wow, just wow. As you can probably guess just from the title, getting the opportunity to photograph Jem and Sophie’s amazing alternative Left Bank Leeds wedding and Hyde Park Skatepark was an incredible opportunity. So much happened that the day went by in a bit of a awesome blur. Trying to cut down the photo selection for this post was a real challenge.

The Coolest of Cats

Beyond all the awesome bits, it was great to get to hang out with Jem and Sophie, two very cool individuals. How cool you ask? Well if the photos aren’t enough to sell it I’d like to share a little story from the first time we met on Skype at the end of last year. I had been expecting to speak to both Jem and Sophie so was a little surprise when only Sophie popped into view on my laptop screen.

It turned out that Jem couldn’t join us for the moment because he was trying to save their shop from a fire which had engulfed the next door building. On hearing this I suggested we do the call another time. But Sophie, cool as a cucumber said it wasn’t a problem. Yup…. Good news is that although the fire did destroy a couple of surrounding buildings, Jem’s shop survived.

An Engagement Shoot Adventure in Leeds

The second time we met was up in Leeds for Sophie and Jem’s engagement shoot. Being my first time this far up north I was quite surprised at how effortlessly and friendly strangers interacted. For people familiar with London, you’ll know that most people like their own space, and if you ever dared speak to someone on the tube, you’d get a look like you tried to touch them up. Wondered around a park in Leeds Jem would share conversation with everyone that passed and even joined in a kick about with some local kids. 


So Many Awesome Alternative Details

Ok, back to the day. I was really impressed with all the personal unique details that went into the day. From Jem’s cool suit, to Sophie’s awesome Gold Doc Martins, to the Love sign (replica from Philadelphia) and all the details at Left Bank Leeds. I think the photos best illustrate what a fun filled awesome day it was from start to finish, with loads of laughs and comical moments. Plus a few tears during the speeches (always enjoy raw emotions). But I will offer a bit of an outline of the day for context.  

Sophie & Jem’s Wedding Adventure

Things kicked off early (9am) at the hotel where Sophie was staying. Jem picked her up and they headed to Leeds Town Hall for the ceremony. From there we walked to Hyde Park (love it when all the locations on a wedding day are in walking distance) for Pork Pies, Champagne and of course, skating action. It really was as cool as it sounds. This was my first time having a go at Skateboarding photography. I kept trying to predict what was going to happen next so that I could get close without getting in the way of a flying board. There were a few near misses but nothing that wouldn’t grow back.

Left Bank Leeds as a Wedding Venue

From here we headed off to Left Bank Leeds which was filled with personal touches and some cool games. The night wrapped up with powerful performances from a number of bands, many of whom were friends of Jem and Sophie. Left Bank Leeds is a spectacular old Church with a huge indoor space you can customise. Plus there’s some grass out front for games and chilling in the summer sun.

Needless to say, this wedding was a great example of a couple not worrying about tradition and instead focusing on doing things their way. Thanks again Jem & Sophie for inviting me to capture your incredible alternative celebrations up North! 

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Ceremony Venue: Leeds Town Hall | Pinic Venue: Hyde Park | Dinner/Party Venue: Left Bank Leeds | All the DIY touches: Sopie, Jem & Co


If you’re planning a wedding at Left Bank Leeds or an alternative wedding at any other location then it’d be awesome to hear from you!