Alice & Jack’s Kick Ass Unicorn Theatre Wedding in Abingdon

Epic. If I could sum up Alice and Jack’s wedding in one word it would be epic. What these two created was just so much fun to be a part of. From the awesome Unicorn Theatre to all the amazing Alice in Wonderland or ‘Jalice’ details they created to the incredible UV party! The whole day felt so relaxed and fun and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I honestly couldn’t stop myself from giggling like a Cheshire cat as I was going through these photos. Now over to Alice & Jack:

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

The best part of our wedding was being surrounded by our closest friends and family who had travelled from far and wide to be there to be with us. We were totally blown away by all the love, help and support we received leading up to the day, during the wedding itself and packing up the next day, and we felt very lucky to have such an incredible bunch of people in our lives – we really couldn’t have done it without them.

There probably wasn’t a single favourite part of the day as the whole thing felt like a continuous series of really special moments but everything from the awesome readings in the ceremony, hilarious outdoor games and UV party felt like it was personal to us and how we wanted to kick off our new life together.

What made you choose the Unicorn Theatre as your wedding venue?

We wanted to find somewhere unique, beautiful and flexible enough to put our own stamp on it. After lots of searching in Oxfordshire where we lived at the time we found the Unicorn Theatre and Abingdon Abbey buildings. We immediately knew that the venue had everything we were looking for – immense character, charm and sense of history with lots of opportunity to do our own thing.

It worked really well having the ceremony and reception at the same place as it meant that we didn’t have to worry about moving people around and allowed the pace of everything to stay pretty relaxed.

What would your advice be to other couples planning a London wedding?

Try not to take on too much yourselves unless you have a lot of time and energy (things we both ran out of in the days leading up to the wedding) and just focus on the things that mean the most to you and that people will remember the most – everything else is nice to have but won’t be missed if it doesn’t quite get done.

It will all be worth the effort in the end to see the smiles on people’s faces and being able look back on all the wonderful memories that you have created together.

Alice in Wonderland themed wedding at the Unicorn Theatre

What made you choose your details and styling for your wedding at the Unicorn Theatre?

We knew from the beginning that we wanted the atmosphere to be fun, lighthearted and a bit different. Our friends often refer to us as ‘Jalice’ (from back in the day when ‘Brangelina’ was still a thing) so we figured a Jalice in Wonderland theme would help us create a personal and memorable day without having to stick too closely to a particular colour scheme or idea.

It was really helpful to have a sense of direction when making our decorations and styling the venue but we’re pretty sure there wasn’t beer pong and air hockey in Wonderland, although there really should have been!

Did you have any entertainment at your Unicorn Theatre Wedding?

We had a fantastic musician called Huw Jones playing guitar during the ceremony and the reception, and a fabulous band called Ear Candy playing in the evening.

We set up a games arcade outside with darts, giant bubbles and boules amongst other things, and everyone got involved with the dressing up and face painting at the end of the night. Finishing off with a group singalong to Dirty Dancing certainly ended things on a high!

Do you have any comments working with Matt Badenoch Photography?

Neither of us really enjoy being the centre of attention or having our photos taken so we wanted to find someone who would put us at ease and capture all the little moments of the day as well as the big ones.

We saw Matt’s work and loved the way he manages to convey all of the different emotions that people experience at a wedding without things feeling staged. After meeting him we knew that he would be great company and he certainly didn’t disappoint – he was absolutely fantastic on the day and we are so grateful for all of his hard work.

If you’re planning a wedding at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon or any other fun location then I’d love to hear from you!