Wookey Hole Wedding Photos with a Circus Theme

Wow where to start with Amy & Gerry’s epic Circus & Festival themed Wookey Hole Wedding in Somerset?

A Circus History

First off you might be wondering what inspired the theme. Well Gerry is actually the son of famous circus owner Gerry Cottle. Gerry has made his own mark in the entertainment world with the hugely successful Rooftop Film Club in London (along with business partner Nick who was MC on the night). If you haven’t checked out the Rooftop experience yet make sure you do next summer.

Meanwhile they’ve also kicked off the Underground Film Club. Anyways promotions aside (I promise I don’t get a commission on sales), back to the wedding day. With Gerry’s circus background and Amy’s creative event planning skills in PR you just knew the details and entertainment were going to be out of this world. And wow were they!

An Incredible Effort On The Details From Team Amy

Ok first up, the details. The effort that Amy and her team of helpers had put into the day was immediately evident. From the marquee on the hill complete with hay bails and flowers, to the balloon filled ceiling in the bar, to the fairy-light sky in the court yard and of course the dinning room. The ceiling of the dinning room had been draped in coloured banners and covered in fairy lights  complemented with dozens of candles. It was like the best indoor night’s sky ever!

A Hangover Kit For Every Guest

The tables had a couple of really cool fun additions. Firstly, a gypsy dictionary to help some of the London crew out with the local lingo and secondly (how cool is this?) a hangover kit for every guest complete with personalised coke bottles, vodka and alker-sultsa. Each hangover kit came with a handwritten poem written by Amy’s mum. Considering there were 200 day guests, that’s a pretty amazing effort!

Entertainment For All Weddings To Envy

Now the entertainment. Bare with me, there was a lot. Two of the grooms men playing an acoustic guitar and humming the theme tune to Postman Pat before the ceremony (still can’t get the tune out of my head). The incredibly (seriously you have got to check these guys out) London Essentials band leading the guests from the ceremony down the hill to the reception.

A couple of dwarf butlers welcoming guests with a glass of bubbly. Pirate mini golf during the reception. Circus school for the kids throughout the evening. Glow in the dark jugglers from Ethiopia. An Elvis impersonator from Denmark (Gerry’s love for Amy was only rivalled by his love for Elvis).

A limbo contest on the dance floor (there was even a famous limbo professional among the guests). Fire breathers. A rack of fancy dress costumes appeared on the dance floor which led to some amazing/ trippy dance floor action shots. The band even got a boy vs girl dance off going which was pretty epic. Wow….what a day!

Why Might Your Pick Wookey Hole As Your Wedding Venue?

Wookey Hole (owned by Gerry Cottle Senior) makes a very unique/awesome venue for a wedding. Primarily an attraction for families and tourists it has a lot of uniques aspects making it a pretty cool choice if you’re looking to plan a truly unique wedding. For example, our portrait session took place in the gardens of Wookey Hole which included Dinosaurs, Fairies and the rather large and intimidating King Kong. As you can imagine it was hard not to throw a little bit of cheese into the mix.

A huge congratulations to Amy & Gerry on their incredible circus & festival themed wedding! I had such a blast with you and your awesome guests (really were an amazing bunch)! Best of luck in all your future adventures together!


Kudos to the Suppliers

Ceremony: Wookey Hole | Bands: London Essentials & Penfold | Bride’s Dress: Truly Gorgeous | Flowers: Sarah @ Wookey Hole | Makeup & Hair: Sally Edwards | Cake: Grace Coney | Ventriloquist: One Night in Las Vegas | Videographers: Life Wedding Films



Circus & Festival Wedding Photography at Wookey Hole by Matt Badenoch Photography.