Broom Parc Wedding Photos with an Intimate Clifftop Picnic

Dark blue water, sea breeze rustling through the lush green vegetation, white foamy waves crushing against the rocks, the summer sun warming my cheeks…..This year I’ve been lucky enough to shoot destination weddings in some amazing locations.

The Stunning Cornwall Coast

These have included Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Hungary, Florence and Copenhagen. Yet this was probably the most stunning view I’d seen yet, and I was standing on British soil. That’s right, I was in Cornwall getting ready for Tess & Pete’s intimate clifftop picnic wedding at Broom Parc. I’d never before appreciated how beautiful some parts of our country were.

Words that best describe Tess & Pete’s beautiful picnic wedding = relaxed, genuine, fun and bloody amazing! Their wedding was a fantastic example of doing things differently in a way that perfectly suited their unique personalities.

Pete and Tess wanted an intimate wedding with a small number of their family and friends. With Pete having grown up in Cornwall, it seemed the perfect spot.

Broom Parc is a Stunning Wedding Venue Overlooking the Sea

The venue, Broom Parc, was a secluded old house resting just above the beautiful view described above. Everything that went into the wedding was supplied by friends and family. From the food (picnic ingredients bought by Pete’s parents in France; seafood dinner provided by the best man’s dad who is a local fisherman) to the details and the DJ.

As the photographer I was no exception to this. Even though I’d never previously met Pete and Tess, I am good friends with Pete’s best man which is why I was trusted with the job. Thanks again Dave! All these personal elements contributed to a very genuine vibe throughout the wedding.

With Tess coming from Indiana in the US and Pete being half Cornish and half French tastes of all of their cultures were present (American lawn games, French wine & picnic and Cornish cider).

I could go on and talk about so many fun and awesome moments from their clifftop wedding but I think I’ll let the below photos do the talking instead.

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Broom Parc | Flowers: Roswartha Farm | Makeup & Hair: Capella Cornwall


A Broom Parc Wedding by photographer Matt Badenoch.