A Copenhagen Wedding Photographer in Denmark for a Kenyan – Danish Fusion Celebration

Crazy (the good kind) Danish wedding traditions mixed with Kenyan vibes, a sea fort, an emotion charged ceremony, 12 speeches, runaway burning lanterns, daring dawn swim and loads of epic moves on the dance floor. Yup, Claudia & John’s Kenyan + Danish Copenhagen Wedding sure was an epic adventure! 

Amazingly Kind Words From Claudia & John

Before I share a little more about their wedding I thought I’d share something John and Claudia wrote. I don’t often share reviews, but their’s was so on point with what I’m trying to do for my couples that I thought I had to. They certainly put it into words better than I could.

“WOW! That is how we (and our wedding guests) feel about Matt and his photography skills after having worked with him for three days (engagement shoot, pre-wedding ceremony, wedding day).

Matt’s pictures are highly energetic, captures the details (looks, smiles, tears) beautifully, and truly portray us and our personalities. Viewing the pictures makes us re-live our wedding day and we value every single one of them.

Furthermore, Matt is a very friendly guy with a great ability to read people. He knows exactly who you are, what you want, and how to interact with your friends and family in the best way. THANK YOU, Matt!”

Copenhagen Wedding Photographer with the bride and groom by the water

My First Time in Copenhagen

For those of you familiar with me you’ll know that I love opportunities that allow me to experience new cultures and locations! So when John and Claudia approached me to photograph their Kenyan + Danish Fusion Wedding in Copenhagen it was very had to hide my excitement and delight. 

Claudia & John’s Wedding Adventure

So a bit more about the day. After hanging out with the boys (who kicked off their day with a swim) and Claudia at her parents home we headed off to the venue – a fort, with a mote, by the sea. Pretty cool eh?

Danish Wedding Traditions

During the afternoon I was introduced to a number of Danish Wedding Traditions. These included, banging feet on the floor, resulting in the couple having to stand on their chairs and kiss; banging on the table, resulting in the couple having to get under the table and kiss; every time the groom went to the bath room all the guys had to walk around the bride’s table kissing her on the cheek; 12 different speeches (learnt loads more reasons why Claudia and John make such an epic couple) and a first dance that kickoff the dance floor at 11pm.

This resulted on a dance floor that stayed busy, with some epic moves, until 5am. I recall the last song of the night was a very passionate rendition of the Back Street Boy’s ‘I Want It That Way’. Well done boys!

As interesting/cool/fun as all the cultural elements and the location where, it was all the amazing people that made it such an exceptional celebration! John and Claudia you’ve certainly got good taste in people.

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Charlottenlund Fort | Hotel: Skovshoved Hotel


Copenhagen Wedding Photography by Matt Badenoch.