An Energy Filled Indian Florence Wedding in Italy with Shalini and Raj

My first wedding in Italy and wow was it incredible! Stunning location, turtles, gelato, giggles and laughs, beautiful moments, Italian sun and so many epic moves on the dance floor.

Introducing Shalini and Raj

Shalini and Raj have this very natural, genuine, fun and welcoming energy about them that makes you know you’re going to have a great time in their company. Before I share more about my adventures as a Florence wedding photographer, you may be wondering why Shalini & Raj picked Florence as the location for their wedding?

Why Did They Pick Florence for their Wedding?

Raj quickly fell in love with Florence after his first visit and returned many times in the following years. And who could blame him.

I arrived in Florence the night before the wedding celebrations began and after dropping off my bags I went for a wonder in the streets. The little alleys, surrounded by rustic buildings were buzzing with little cafes and bars. I turned a corner to find a street full of local youths enjoying fresh pizza and wine while sitting on the cobbles.

Florence was also where Raj proposed to Shalini, so it made perfect sense for a wedding location. Not only was Florence a stunning place brimming with character, but it also had that personal connect for Raj & Shalini.


indian bride and groom dancing at their florence wedding in italy

The Wedding Celebrations Kick Off

Raj and Shalini’s wedding celebrations took place over two days. The first day was a more relaxed affair with drinks, food and music at the stunning Giardino Corsini al Prato. An absolutely stunning palace built in the 16th century. I quickly learnt to watch my step as it turned out the gardens were home to a lot of turtles. 

The second day took place up on the Tuscan hills and included the ceremony, speeches and one hell of a party. The below photos only represent the first day, so there’s still more to come. On both days I had the pleasure of working along side the very talented, friendly and helpful local videographer Federico from Waterfall Visuals.

It’s Hard to Beat a Good Expression

After going through the photos I mentioned to Shalini that she had a very expressionate face. A comment she wasn’t sure was a complement or not. It was a massive complement! I believe being able to share how you feel in your expressions is a beautiful thing and as a bonus makes for great photos. Hopefully you can see for yourself the genuine joy and excitement on her face in the photos below.

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Giardino Corsini al Prato | Wedding Planner: Weddings in Italy | Videographer: Waterfall Visuals



If you’re planning a wedding in Florence or any other location around the world and are looking for a natural style of wedding photography to capture all the emotion and energy of your day then I’d love to hear from you!