Sarah & Gary’s Epic Night Circus Themed Wedding – So Many Activities!

A Night Circus Themed Wedding

With Sarah having a background in theatre I was so excited to see what they did for her Night Circus themed wedding. And wow did it not disappoint. For those not family with the Night Circus, it’s a fantasy novel by Erin Morgenstern. The plot is set in Victorian London and follows a wandering magical circus that is open only from sunset to sunrise.

As part of the Night Circus theme, the wedding had a strict black and white dress code, where the bridal party were aloud touches of red.

After a ceremony at the local church, the celebrations moved to an outdoor field and festival like setup with one hell of a party.

Lovely Sentimental Moments

As well as an incredible energy and epic celebrations, the wedding also had some lovely sentimental moments. Sarah and Gary both had two children from previous marriages who attended. This led to some really beautiful moments between them, through out the day. The kind you don’t always see at a wedding.

Since Sarah’s battle with cancer, family and friends had been collecting tea cups. These were used by all the guests on the day and then donated to the Macmillan trust after the wedding. How cool is that!

As a gift, they gave illuminating letters of the first letter of their names and their kids names to symbolise the two families joining. These were placed on the top table.

As a surprise gift for Sarah, her daughter got up and sang for everyone after the first dance. It truly beautiful and even Sarah couldn’t hold back the tears.

fire artist at a Night Circus Themed wedding

Night Circus wedding party

I can’t go without mentioning the epic party that went on well into the night. From a truck band stand to fire throwers and an outdoor carnival the night celebrations were of epic proportions!

Thanks again Sarah and Gary for bringing me along to share in your amazing Night Circus wedding! I’d like to wish you both all the best in your future adventures together!

Finally, a big shout out to all the other suppliers that made Sarah and Gary’s Night Circus themed wedding¬†so awesome!

If you’re planning an alternative wedding in and around London or overseas then I’d love to hear from you!