One of my favourite days as a kid at school was International Day. There’d be 50 plus tables covered in a wide range of mouth watering treats, cultural hand crafts, colourful decorations and exciting stories. Each table represented the country of one of the pupils and was run by their parents who’d be dressed up in their national dress (my mum was always jealous of the Japanese Kimono). You’d run around with a toy passport and try and get stamps from as many countries as possible. This was one of the many joys of growing up in an International School in the heart of Paris. Every few weeks we were celebrating a different religious holiday (be it Ramadan, Diwali or Hanukkah). How cool is that! 

These experience at a young age started my love of experiencing new cultures (the stories, the food, the colours, all of it). It fuelled my passion for travel and now my excitement at photographing cultural/ fusion weddings. At these weddings I get to learn more about the cultures by experiencing their traditions first hand. In case you were not familiar with the term Fusion weddings, it is a weddings where two people from different cultures come together to celebrate their love. It’s always fun to see how the couples blend their two cultures together for their celebrations.

If you’re looking for a cultural/ fusion wedding photographer to capture the energy and atmosphere of your day and mix in with your guests, then please do get in touch. I’d love to meet up, share more about my approach and hear more about your exciting plans! Also feel free to have a browse and check out more of my work and approach, wedding tips, prices or some examples of cultural/ fusion weddings I’ve photographed.

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