An Emotional Rollercoaster of a ride at Sheena & Jai’s Indian Moor Park Mansion Wedding

Weddings can often be an emotional ride. From the amazing positive energy and party atmosphere to impactful stories of challenges and hardships shared. Sometimes there are stories remind you of times in your own life. Sometimes they leave you inspired. Sometimes they create a smile, and other times they cut a lot deeper. Sheena and Jai’s Moor Park Mansion wedding which I photographed last summer, was more of an emotional rollercoaster than any wedding I’d previously attended. It caused me to cry (for those that know me will realise what a rare occurrence this is), made me feel angry and yet also left me feeling inspired.

A Great Loss

Just over a week before their wedding Sheena contacted me with some tragic news. The night before, Jai’s brother Paras had passed away completely unexpectedly. It’s hard to imagine what it must feel like to lose someone so close so suddenly at any time in ones life. But to lose a brother at a time that’s supposed to be a celebration of love and family seems especially cruel. There were testaments throughout the day to Paras. These included a book created by the family that sat in the ceremony room and his place at dinner being set and his meal choices still served. There were times during the ceremony where you could see the minds of friends and family reflect. But what really cut me deep was a moment that came during the speeches (pictured below).

Amazing Compassion

Sheena’s father Sudhir (on the left), as is customary, was giving one of the speeches. When it came time to speak about Paras’ passing he choked up. As much as he tried to continue, he physically he couldn’t. It was at this moment that Paras and Jai’s father Udian (on the right) stood up, walked over to Sudhir and embraced him. Wow even writing this now I feel a chill down my spine. Udian then stayed with Sudhir and supported him as he finished his speech. I can’t tell you what the friends and family in the room felt during this moment, but I can share what went through me. I was hit by a wave of first anger at the injustice of someone being taken so untimely, then compassion for the love these two families were showing each other and finally inspiration at how much passion could come out of such a dark event. It was one of those moments that I imagine will always stay with me.

The Value of a Moment

On a slight divergent. Those with a sharp eye will notice that this photo is not technically perfect. The lighting isn’t great and the focus is slightly off. But when you’re dealing with such a powerful moment does this really take away from the value of photo? I feel sometimes in this industry photographers are encouraged to prioritise technical perfection or creative art over the importance of the moment. Some may even consider not delivering this photo and certainly not include it in their blog post because of the technically imperfections. Yet I strongly believe that it’s the moments we capture, moments like the above, that really hold value in what we do for our couples.

The Celebrations this Moor Park Mansion Wedding

Back to the wedding. I wanted to highlight a few additional things that really inspired me on the day. When I arrived in the morning I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a mood of celebration, be it a more subtle celebration than what may have been. Sheena and Jai were hanging out with their friends and family, very relaxed and having fun. With the exception of some of the moments described above it was a really positive day filled with laughter and lovely moments. I really admired everyone’s approach, especially the family to focus on the joy of the occasion. I was also really impressed with the team at Moor Park Mansion. They were so supportive and accommodating to the sensitivities of the day that I even saw Sheena’s father going around and hugging most of the staff.

I would like to finish by saying a massive thank you to Sheena and Jai for inviting me to share in their day. It really did leave an impression. Wishing you all the best in your future adventures together!


Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Moor Park Golf Club | Wedding Planner: Waseem Khan | Makeup & Hair: Minal Choudhury | Flowers: Minka Shah | Dress: Ami Motana

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