Houchins Barn Wedding Photos in Suffolk with Michelle & Dan’s Amazing Chinese Fusion Celebrations

Dan & Michelle’s Chinese fusion wedding was an absolute blast of fun from beginning to end. Before sharing more about their Houchins Wedding, I would like to introduce Michelle and Dan to you. And I could think of no better way of doing this than their proposal story. In their own words:

The Proposal

“A few weeks before the proposal I contacted Michelle’s friends to make short videos which were clues for a treasure hunt around Nottingham, where Michelle was living. Each clue lead to a QC code linked to a short video of her friend giving the next clue.

It was the weekend after valentine’s day and I disguised the treasure hunt as a belated valentines surprise. Michelle did the treasure hunt with one of her friends, Louise, who was in on the really purpose of the treasure hunt. The two had to collect seemingly random items torches, maps etc and do activities such as going to a salon. This was to prepare them for the finale.

There is a park in Nottingham called Walton, it’s really beautify and is where Michelle and I had our first date. The manor in the centre of the Park is the house Bruce Wayne uses as his manor in the new Batman films.

I’d rented the park after dark and had friends set up a line of candles from the park entrance to where we had our first picnic. There, they also set up a grotto light with fairy lights and a projector. On the projector I had a slide show of our life together to that point. That’s where I proposed.

The main part of what I said was that I wanted to love Michelle the way that Jesus loves her for the rest of my life.”

Pretty awesome right?! Kudos to Dan for his creativity! 

Michelle & Dan’s Wedding Celebrations

Now back to the morning of the wedding. Before Dan was aloud to marry Michelle, he had to earn the right to do so. This was done with the help of his grooms men who had to complete a number of challenges on his behalf (true mates for you).

Welcome Chinese Wedding Games

In short these included eating wasabee sauce, engaging in tandem intimate yoga poses, finding and then ripping off hidden wax strips and reenacting pivotal scenes from Michelle and Dan’s life together (including the proposal described above). At times it was a challenge to capture everything while being caught in an almost constant fit of giggles. All I can say is, well done boys! Well done.

After doing their part, the final hurdle was for Dan to sing 10 things he loved about Michelle. With a wave of her had she gave her approval and the boys headed off to the church. With Christianity playing a strong role in their relationship it was a very moving service.

Wedding Reception at Houchins Barn

After the ceremony and a few mouthfuls of confetti, it was back to Houchins Barn for the reception. As well as a great indoors area filled with natural light, Houchins offers a great outdoors area for fun and shenanigans.

The rest of the day was jammed backed with laughs (as you’ll see below), vast amounts of energy (I even got pulled into a ceilidh dance) and loads of fantastic moments. It was a long day but soooo worth it! I also got the opportunity to work with the very talented videographer Neil from NDR Films for the first time.

Thanks again Michelle & Dan for inviting me to come be a part of your epic celebrations! I wish you all the very best in your future adventures together!

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Houchins | Videographer: NDR Films | Ice-cream truck: Molly Moo’s Ices 


Houchines Barn Wedding Photos by London Wedding Photographer Matt Badenoch.