An Indian-English Kings Place Fusion Wedding with Bharti and Alex

Bharti & Alex’s Story

Bharti and Alex’s awesome Indian-English fusion wedding had a lot of firsts for me. For one it was the first time the groom had ever given me a neck massage before. Definitely something I’d have no problem repeating. Thanks again Alex! Ever since their hilariously fun engagement shoot around the Greenwich Maritime Museum I’d been looking forward to this day. Whenever you’re around Bharti & Alex it’s almost impossible not to have fun. They have this amazing positive energy around them teamed up with a sense of mischief.

Soon after meeting up with them for a coffee I discovered they shared a lot of my passions, including travel, coffee and festivals. Btw having just seen their Shambala photos on Facebook that’s another festival that’s being added to my list for next year. Turns out that Alex (a creative set designer) also knows a fair bit about photography.

The Wedding At Kings Place Near Kings Cross

You can probably imagine that my expectations for their wedding were set pretty high. Well the day certainly did not disappoint. Bharti & Alex did what I always recommend all couples to do. They took their wedding day and completely made it their own. For a wedding venue they had chosen Kings Place, which is a relatively new wedding venue next to Kings Cross in central London. The great thing about Kings Place is that they offer a blank canvas for couples to really get creative if they choose to. Alex certainly went to town on the venue. He made a Photo Booth set that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie and dressed up the room stunningly!

Highlights from their Wedding

There were so many fun and beautiful moments during their Indian fusion wedding that it was really hard to pick my favourite bits. But here goes.

  • Bharti’s entrance on a canal boat with a live Jazz performance.
  • Alex’s bright green suit and wow that tie. Also hard not to notice Bharti’s stunning Indian dress. 
  • The extremely talented Kay Walton playing a tear jerking version of Adele’s ‘Feel This Love’ during the ceremony that I think pulled on everyone’s heart strings. Bharti later told me off for getting mushy when she was looking for someone in the room to give her strength – Sorry Bharti.
  • Bharti’s grandmother, who had come all the way from India, welcoming Alex to the family (above photo).
  • Kids going wild all day.
  • The best Band I’ve ever seen at a wedding reception.
  • Alex’s Photo Booth creation.
  • The personalised M&Ms provided by Jane, Alex’s sister in law. Some of them even had Alex & Bharti’s faces on them!
  • Some of the answers being written on the Advice Cards. ‘If you haven’t done laundry in a while…[Blank]…are perfectly acceptable pants.’ Answers included: ‘nappies’ & ‘my wife’s knickers’.
  • And to some it up, being able to spend the day hanging out with such an incredible crowd! Dam I love my job!

Wishing Bharti & Alex all the best in their future adventures together which I have no doubt will be Epic! Have fun on your Indian Honeymoon guys!

Kudos to the Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Kings Place | Band during Ceremony: Nirakar | Band during the reception: The Black Sheikhs | Flowers: Alforum | The Cake: Cakes by Sejal | Groom’s Suit: Adam Waite | Bride’s Dress: Sequinz | Photo Booth Set & Table Centres & Room Dressing: Alex Goacher Ltd | Photo Booth: King of the Booth | Boat Ride: Hidden Depths Canal Cruises



Indian-English Fusion Wedding Photography at Kings Place by Matt Badenoch Photography.