They’re back! Welcome to day two of Tiemert and Nebiyou’s Ethiopian Wedding Photography collection. If you missed part one of their wedding celebrations you can check it out here.

An Ethiopian Wedding Photography Adventure

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend a week in Ethiopia photographing Tiemet and Nebiyou’s amazing wedding. After posting the first day of their Ethiopian wedding celebrations a few months back I thought this was a good time to revisit them. Their wedding was made of two main celebrations. The day they got married on the Saturday and a more intimate gathering on the Monday which was effectively one awesome party. We also spent an afternoon doing some portraits around Addis Ababa.

father hugging bride at Ethiopian Wedding

Wedding Party Time

The second ceremony is known as the ‘Melse’, the world translates to mean ‘return’. The Melse is a ceremony where couples celebrate their union surrounded by everything cultural. From the traditional attires made of hand woven cotton to the music they dance to, to the food served. It is traditionally organised and handled by the bride’s family as their way of inviting the newlyweds to showcase the couple to friends and family after they get to enjoy married life for a day or two. Although it doesn’t have any religious significance the family can and often include priests that open the ceremony with a word of prayer and maybe a spoken word or two. This was then followed by a huge party and wow can the Ethiopians party. After this experience I’ll certainly be keeping my fingers firmly crossed for my next Ethiopian wedding photography adventure.

Catching Up Back In London

Since posting their first day of celebrations I was lucky enough to meetup with Tiemert & Nebiyou in London. They took me out along Edgware Road and treated me to their favourite Ethiopian and a healthy amount of cocktails. The highlight was the traditional Ethiopian top they had bought me. Natural I wore it for the duration of the meal. Dam these two are awesome! I Look forward to catching up next time you’re both in town!

If  you scroll all the way to the bottom of the gallery you’ll be able to enjoy a rather sweaty Matt. Taken with Nebiyou and Tiemet at the end of the night.

If you’re planning an Ethiopian wedding or a different destination wedding and enjoy my style of photography then please get in touch and say hello.