Planning a wedding is one of those strange times in life where suddenly you have to be an expert in loads of areas who’ve probably never given much thought to before. How far in advance should I book the venue? Band vs DJ for the night’s entertainment? How many hours should the reception be? What should I look for in a photographer? What questions should I ask the caterer? Do I need a videographer? What if it rains on the day? And so on.

What makes your wedding day special will range depending on who you are and what’s important to you. I’m a big believer in you planning whatever the hell you want for your day. Being it inviting only the 30 people most important to you for an intimate wedding, having your wedding overseas, or having it at a skatepark. Whatever the perfect wedding might look like to you, planning a wedding in itself should be a fun and exciting activity. After all, how often do you get the freedom of full control over planning something that all of your favourite people in the world will be attending?

As an experienced wedding photographer I’m in a unique position to interact with couples throughout their planning and see everything come together on the day itself. This, as well as collaborating with other suppliers I work along side, allows to me to answer many of the questions that may be crossing your mind, plus offer ideas and inspiration to make your day even more awesome.

To help you plan your perfect wedding and keep the planning of it exciting I’ve written a number of articles sharing ideas, tips and inspiration. Last year this included an interview series with some of London’s best wedding suppliers who offered their tips on booking your perfect suppliers. In the year to come I’ll be sharing a whole range of exciting posts on tips like ‘What to Consider when Building your Wedding Day Timeline’ and inspiration like ‘Alternative Entertainment Ideas’. For some articles I’ve even teamed up with my previous couples to share tips based on their own experiences planning their weddings.

The Latest Wedding Planning Tips