Some Awesome Top-Tips on Booking a DJ for your Wedding from the one and only DJ Sonic

Welcome to the wedding supplier Q&A series where every Sunday afternoon we’ll be speaking to a London based wedding supplier and uncovering information to make planning your wedding easier. Each supplier has been hand-picked because of their awesome personality, love they have for their couples and knowledge of their industry. I’ve also tried to find suppliers that are unique to give you a taste of what’s possible.

This week we’re speaking to Del (aka DJ Sonic) a fun and energetic wedding DJ based in London. Whether you’re planning on booking a DJ or a band (or both) for your wedding the following interview should provide some great helpful information.

1. Tell us a bit about the story behind your business & why you do what you do?

I got into DJing as I saw it as a great way for me to do something that I really loved doing and at the same time be able to channel my natural attributes for the good of others. 10-12 years ago my friends started getting married and asked me to DJ for them and that’s when I first got into weddings. I found them to be a great avenue for me to help people enjoy themselves. 

Traditionally the old wedding DJ was the guy who came out with traffic lights and played YMCA and all those cheesy songs. As times have moved on weddings have become cooler and cooler. It’s a sign that what’s happening outside in the bars and clubs is also now happening at weddings too. It’s a chance to bring a bit of the club experience to a family setting wedding. 

My background has been in club music and I’ve always loved music with a lot of energy and positivity. A wedding reception is one of those places where you’re trying to celebrate the time, celebrate the day, and an occasion that everyone wants to remember. I certainly love to provide music that captures that.

I make sure I have the equipment on the night so if you want to plug in your iPhone or iPad I’m more that happy to let them play it. It often comes down to flexibility of the wedding DJ. You have to make sure that the bride and groom remember you for the right reasons. Recently I decided to take my 24 years of mobile DJ experience and set up my own company called E13 Music.

2. What are your Top Tips for couples choosing a DJ for their wedding?

  1. Know what you like. Remember its your event so you should go with what you want and feel. If you know what you want for your first dance, go for it. It’s not for anyone else to say. 
  2. Consider what impact your music choice will have on your guests. For example, most of your guests may be big heavy rock fans, so if you book a wedding DJ who plays hip-hop all night the night might not be as good as it could be. 
  3. Meet with your DJ ahead of your wedding. Make sure you can get as much information on the DJ as possible. It comes back to knowing what you like. Check if the DJ is flexible in playing last minute things on the night and taking requests. 

3. I love quotes, do you have any favourites?

I do have got a favourite one. I’m not too sure who originally came up with it but my dad uses it all the time, so for the purpose of this interview my dad said this. 

“The only person who limits you in life is yourself.” – ‘Del’s Dad’

I’m a strong, strong believer in that because there are often so many barriers that we put in front of ourselves. If we limit ourselves we’re not going to be able to fulfil our potential; and what’s the point in life if you don’t reach your full potential.