Some Awesome Top-Tips for Booking your Wedding Magician from the one and only Neb Magic

Welcome to the wedding supplier Q&A series where every Wednesday & Sunday afternoon we’ll be speaking to a London based wedding supplier and uncovering information to make planning your wedding easier. Each supplier has been hand picked because of their awesome personality, love they have for their couples and knowledge of their industry. I’ve also tried to find suppliers that are unique to give you a taste of what’s possible.

This week we’re talking to someone a little different. Neb is a Magician. Not the pull a rabbit out of a hat or metal rings kind but the mental illusionist kind. Think along the lines of Derren Brown. He spends many a wedding day astonishing guests. If you’re looking for something a little extra to add to your wedding, read on.

1. Tell us a bit about the story behind your business & why you do what you do?

Although visiting the Blackpool Magic Convention in 1999, which was actually the first year Dynamo went as well, I spent my early years focussing on music. But magic was always something I was playing around with in the background. I would try something new out, have a bit of a wee [yep Neb’s Scottish] crush on it and then it would return to the background. I started with it when I was 16, so over a period of about 10 years I was learning bit by bit, but never seeing it as a career. After splitting up with my band I decided to go to London as that seemed to be the thing to do. One day I just thought to myself, hey I should see where I could go with Magic. So I got in touch with some agencies, jumped straight into the deep end with a gig for Jamie Oliver and well the rest is history. It became quite an unexpected career. 

Magic wise I focus on psychological tricks. There’s something about it that really appeals to me. I feel like there’s some meaning in it. I’m like wow that’s going to muck with someone’s head. I like how magic can change someone’s state of mind, someone’s perception. It shows that even with intelligent minds there’s always ways and opportunities that you haven’t seen yet. Just because you can’t see an answer doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

You know when you were a child and saw a Star wars movies for the first time it made you go into this like “oh my god” place where your imaginations just kicked off? Magic can kind of do that for adults. I actually think magic is better for adults than it is for kids. Everything’s amazing, exciting and magical for kids, but as adults we become more used to things which is a little sad. Magic can remind us what it’s like to see the world as a kid again.

Neb, Neb Magic wedding magician London | Matt Badenoch Photography

2. What are your Top-Tips for a couple choosing a Wedding Magician?

  1. Meet the person before booking them. With your wedding day being such an important occasion you want to make sure they’re right for you. So grab a coffee with them so you can 1) get to see some of their magic first hand and 2) check you like them.
  2. Book someone your guests would get on with. At your wedding the magician will be going around and speak with all you guests so you want someone who’s going to be nice, friendly, charming and confident. Make sure that it’s someone you’d personally like to invite to your wedding.  

laughing guests, Neb Magic wedding magician London | Matt Badenoch Photography

3. I love quotes, do you have any favourites?

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

Neb and guests at a wedding, Neb Magic wedding magician London | Matt Badenoch Photography