This year I thought it’d be fun to share some of my couples favourite wedding photos and why they mean so much to them


I’ve always been interested to understand what matters most to my couples when it comes to their wedding photography. I think it’s important for me to relate and keep perspective on the reason I do this.

There are several things I do to help me understand this. From from asking during our first chat what they’re most excited about regarding their wedding photos, all the way to asking for feedback after the wedding.

This year I also asked my couples what their favourite photos were from their own weddings and why they were so meaningful to them. I found their responses so interesting and revealing that I thought I’d share them with you here.

For the wedding photographers reading this, I can’t recommend highly enough that you try this activity with your own couples.

Michelle & Andrew’s Favourite Wedding Photos

photo of guests laugh on the dance floor at this wedding

The first photo captures my cousin’s son looking extremely innocently at the camera, then you notice my bridesmaid looking shocked, my brother in hysterics and me looking away in horror! It’s such a wonderful snapshot of our day!

photo of bride and groom with their son in front of a rainbow on their wedding day

The second photo is of us with our son and a rainbow in the background. If it hadn’t rained we wouldn’t have had a rainbow…how many people get a rainbow on their wedding day?!

Rosalind & David’s Favourite Wedding Photos

photo of bride and groom signing the wedding registry

The register signing photo. We are both such awkward people in front of the camera and the register photo can be such a staged photo, but you caught such a natural shot where we both look genuinely happy!

photo of wedding guests going crazy on the dance floor

I love the dancing shots where everyone looks ridiculously happy and in their element. Makes me happy!

black and white photo of bride dancing on the dance floor with her flying everywhere at her wedding

I also (on an embarrassingly vain note) love this one because it reminds me of what a super duper time I had dancing and celebrating with friends and family. Again, I am usually awkward in photos but you captured my grooves pretty well.

Cristina & Remi’s Favourite Wedding Photos

black and white photo of bride and groom kissing at their Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding

Cristina’s favourite Photo. This photo was taken right after our wedding vows. It is intimate and we both look simply happy and in love. It is just us, no more, no less. We did not know it was taken, it was a moment where I felt like there was no one else in that room, and finally after so many months of thinking about this day, things were perfect. This photo brings me back to that very moment every time I look at it and that is why it is so special to me.

photo of bride in wedding dress walking across the street in London with a red bus in background.

Remi’s favourite photo. I love the colours on the photo. We can find the same blue on Cristina’s shoes, on a hat, on a car behind… It is amazing. She is super smiley and looks super happy. We had two weddings: the civil one (with only 20 people) which was very simple and just involved the ceremony, molkki in Regents Park and a pub dinner.

A few weeks later, we had a big wedding in Spain with 120 guests. We spent much more time planning the big one but actually enjoyed the small one much more. This photo reflects how happy we were, how simple things were, and the city we live in. I think it also represents very well who we are on a day to day basis.

Eliza & George’s Favourite Wedding Photos

photo of a bride choosing her father's tie during bridal prep
photo of a guest hugging the bride

I love the little really moving moments that weren’t staged (me choosing my dads tie for him, me hugging one of my best friends, friends looking over at me in the morning,  all the action shots).

formal photo of the bride and groom and their families

Our family photo of everyone together in front on the house just because it means a lot that we are now a family, not necessarily as it is the best of all of us.

photo of bride's dog Poppy
photo of bride's parents getting married next to her getting reading the morning of her wedding

I also love the even smaller details like our lovely dog Poppy who passed away when we got back from our honeymoon (how did you know!) and photos of my parents on their wedding day. Oh there were so many now I look!!! So difficult to choose. Makes me cry thinking about them all ha!

photo of bride and groom smiling during their church wedding ceremony

And Obviously the ones in the church of us grinning from ear to ear.

Sophie & Max’s Favourite Wedding Photos

photo of jewish bride and groom dancing with the white sheet at their wedding

Tricky one as there’s so many. There’s one where we’re dancing in the middle of this big white sheet (because Jews) and we’ve got our arms in the air and it’s just captured the moment perfectly.

Simmy & Dan’s Favourite Wedding Photos

photo of bride and groom starting their first dance

We both love the photo at our wedding reception where we’re both walking onto the dance floor. Dan is doing a rather strange dance move where it looks like his features are falling off his face.

photo of an Indian bride throwing rice

Another favourite is throwing rice around my parents’ kitchen. This time it is me who looks like my features are falling off my face. We’re clearly meant to be.

Hannah & Joseph’s Favourite Wedding Photos

Photo of a Jewish wedding ceremony at the Prince Pub in London

I think what we both loved is how you managed to capture the spirit of the day. We particularly loved how you captured the colours – of the Cuppah and surroundings (including the crowd with the red hats taken from above). And the colours and spirit of the dancing. You also took beautiful pictures of the children! Some personal photo favourites include:

photo of groom's dad getting icecream during the wedding reception

This photo of Joseph’s dad getting ice cream is so sweet and endearing.

black and white photo of groom walking down aisle with his parents at his wedding

This photo of Joseph and his parents walking in really captures the spirit and feeling beautifully.

Photo of jewish couple lifted on chairs at their wedding

This photo of us both being lifted up on chairs captures the essence of the celebrations.

Jody & James’ Favourite Wedding Photos

photo of wedding guests throwing petals as confetti at the bride and groom

Getting completely sabotaged with confetti by our faves with their cheeky faces aligning the sides. Despite the petal attack we just remember feeling so happy that we’d just tied the knot!

photo of bride and groom wedding portrait outside at sunset

The lighting just makes this such a gorgeous photo. It’s a calmer moment, just the two us as the sun was setting, in the beautiful setting of Hayne.

photo of the groom lifting up his bride during the first dance

The dance was a completely ridiculous thing to do, but I think we laughed the whole way through and had a lot of fun. This photo pretty much sums us up!

Stephanie & James’ Favourite Wedding Photos

bride and groom laughing during the wedding speeches
black and white photo of the bride crying during the wedding speeches

Oh there are so many it’s hard to pick one or two! I am such an emotional person that I cried so many tears of joy on the day. Matt managed to make me still look beautiful but sincere and he captured lots of emotion that was so heartfelt at the time.

photo of bride talking to her father before going in to the wedding ceremony

The ones of my father and I before the church fill me with emotion and happiness every time I think of them. I am very close to my father and him giving me away was one of the proudest moments of his life. It was a big deal to him and it meant the world to me.

bride and groom laughing with embarrassment and covering their faces during the speeches

During the speeches there’s one of my husband and I laughing and looking embarrassed. We both have our hands over our eyes cringing but also laughing and it never fails to make us smile now!

bride and groom walking together in the grounds of castle Ashby

After the church service and we had our formal photos out of the way we had time on our own with Matt for some more intimate photos. We were strolling down a pathway with a drink in each others hand and we’re both hugging each other and smiling. I really like that one too.

And that’s a Wrap

I hope you enjoyed this lovely insight into how real couples feel about their own wedding photos.

This article for me was a personal reminder of what really matters to my couples and where my focus should be. It also highlighted how important what we do as wedding photographers is and the happiness we can bring to people’s lives.

Wedding photography is not about awards, ‘likes’ on Facebook or followers on Instagram. It’s about real people, real lives and the happiness we can contribute to. How amazing is it to have a job that does that!

A massive thank you to all my couples of 2018 who trusted me with their wedding photos and especially those who took the time to share their favourite photos for this article. I’ll admit I got a bit emotional reading your comments.

You’re all bloody rock stars!!

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