Photographing Same Sex Wedding Couples Being Awesome At Life

I am sometimes asked “What do you do differently when photographing same sex weddings?” And my answer is always the same – “nothing”.

Every wedding I photograph is different because all my couples are so different (something I find really exciting). Yet my goal at every wedding is the same. I aim to capture the energy and atmosphere of the day and all those moments that highlight the characters and relationships of you and your favourite people. This will allow you to relive all the amazing bits of your wedding day (even the ones you missed happening the first time) again and again in the future.

Celebrating Diversity

One of my favourite parts of this job is getting to work with such a wide range of awesome couples. Couples from different backgrounds who have different preferences, things that are important to them and characteristics that make them who they are.

Weddings are such a fantastic way to celebrate the things that make us who we are both as individuals, but especially as partners. The diversity I get to witness each year is truly refreshing and inspiring. I feel so luckly to capture such a diverse range of people.

Love is love – it really is that simple.

A Fun And Relaxed Approach to Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for a same sex wedding photographer to capture the energy and atmosphere of your day and mix in with your guests, then please do get in touch. I’d love to meet up, share more about my approach and hear about your exciting plans!

Also feel free to have a browse and check out more about my approach, wedding tips, prices or recent same sex weddings I’ve photographed.