A Same Sex Wedding at Ditton Park Manor, London

Going back a few months now to the beginning of the summer for Bill and Gavin’s Ditton Park Manor wedding. It’s definitely been worth the wait.

You Can’t Beat Authentic Emotion on a Wedding Day

If you’re familiar with my work you may have noticed that above all I love lots of emotion during a wedding day. People just being themselves and taking down any barriers they may usually have up. From start to finish Bill and Gavin’s same sex wedding was filled with laughter, tears, quirkiness and comedy. It was an absolute blast to photograph and left me thoroughly broken the following day.

An International Crowd

Having a great mix of people who had travelled in from around the world (including Europe, America and Australia) certainly added to the energy levels. It’s always amazing to see the effort people put in to support their friends and family on their wedding day. 

Bill and Gavin’s Ditton Park Manor Wedding was one of those classic English summer days where the sky was thick with clouds and the weather kept teasing us with spits of rain. But this sure wasn’t going to damp Bill and Gavin’s moods.

Good Old British Weather

There was a little anticipation before the ceremony as they really wanted to make the most of Ditton Park’s grounds and have the ceremony outside. 30 minutes to go, it was still raining, the guests were arriving and a final decision had to be made. Bill and Gavin decided that their guests could handle a little bit of rain. After all what is a British wedding without it :) Well their commitment was rewarded. 5 minutes before the ceremony started the rain stopped. 

father of the groom streaking at a same sex Ditton Park wedding

Getting Ready Together

Ahead of the ceremony Bill and Gavin decided to get ready together, something that I’ve started to see more of this year. There’s something quite nice about sharing the excitement/nerves of the day ahead together. Plus the chance for some extra laughs.

An Outdoor Ceremony at Ditton Park Manor

The outdoor ceremony was beautiful and the afternoon packed full of fun shenanigans (hopefully proven by the photos below). The speeches had me in goosebumps with stories of joy and challenges fought. All relationships have their tests, but I think we are often unaware of the additional challenges same sex couples have to deal with in our society. On the plus side it seems to make the wedding day ever more sweet.

Before I close, I have to give a shout out to the team at Ditton Park Manor who were a real pleasure to work with and put in some amazing work behind the scenes to make Bill and Gavin’s day as special as possible. 

Thanks again Gavin and Bill for inviting me to share in and capture your awesome celebrations!

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Ditton Park Manor | Groom’s Suits: Favour Brook | Flowers: Seventh Heaven | Registrar: Anne Lloyd-Skinner


If you’re planning a wedding at Ditton Park Manor or a same sex wedding at any other venue and are looking for a natural style of wedding photography to capture all the emotion and energy of your day then get in contact to check my availability!