Here’s a list of the top wedding photography conferences in 2018 around the UK and Europe that can help you take your photography to the next level.

Conference have played a huge part in making my wedding photography business what it is today. I have learnt a great deal from them over the years to benefit both my photography and business skills. The wedding photography conferences I have attended have also motivated and inspired me; something which is hugely important in an industry where most of us spend a lot of our time working alone.

But most of all, conferences have helped me connect with a truly amazing community of photographers from all corners of the world. From this community I have benefited of great friendships, wedding referrals, support with challenging situations, knowledge about the latest gear and software, and awesome trips overseas.

To make it easier for others to benefit as much as I have, I’ve compiled a list of all the top wedding photography conferences taking place in the UK and Europe. If I’ve missed any conferences that you think deserve to be on the list then please let me know in the comments below.

Note: All the information below was provided by the conferences creators themselves. Credit for the above photo goes to Nikola Smernic.

Top UK Conferences for Wedding Photographers in 2018

Elevate | London

Dates: 27th February 2018

Speakers: Sam Hurd, Sam Docker, Daniel Aguilar, Citlalli Rico, Nadine Van Biljon

Price: £175

What’s included: A one-day conference with 5 speakers from around UK and overseas, refreshments, and a drinks party at the end of the day with some food.

Summary: On the day we’ll begin at 9.45am for registration and tea/coffee. The talks on stage begins at 10.15am and are spread through the day with two in the morning, two in the afternoon. We have a few great suppliers in the break-out space this year so there’s plenty to look at, and we’re in the heart of Soho so it’s great to pop out for a nice lunch. At the end of the day we have a fun drinks party with some food, so stay for the party too!

What makes you different from other conferences?

We setup Elevate to give an affordable day of inspiration and fun, before the wedding season starts and we all get too busy to see each other.

The focus is on high quality talks in a great location… we use the Curzon Cinema in Soho so the theatre is really comfy and the screen is huge! We’re right in the heart of Soho so the options for lunches etc are awesome.

Who is your target audience?

Professional wedding photographers. You can of course come if you’re a hobbyist / part-timer, but the subjects of the talks are going to resonate stronger with working pros.

Rock Your Shot | Sheffield

Dates: 18th April 2018

Speakers: Emma Case, Kristian Leven, Laura Babb, Sam Docker, Joel Skingle, Steve Gerrard, Igor Demba and Liam Crawley.

Price: £275

What’s included: One day of talks and live shoot + lunch, and refreshments.

Summary: 8 leading wedding photographers. 5 talks. 3 live shoots. 1 day. Shoot alongside leading pros Liam Crawley, Igor Demba and Steve Gerrard. Learn from them as they shoot with a wedding couple, sharing their techniques for posing, framing and couple interaction. 45 minute talks from Emma Case, Kristian Leven, Laura Babb, Sam Docker and Joel Skingle.

Poster of Rock Your Shot 2018 wedding photography conference with list of speakers

What makes you different from other conferences?

The best of the UK’s talent crammed into one action packed day!

Who is your target audience?

Pro Wedding photographers with a least a moderate level of experience right through to very experienced pros.

The Photography Show | Birmingham

Dates: 17th – 20th March 2018

Speakers: Super Stage speakers include Ami Vitale, Art Wolfe, Erik Johansson, Brent Stirton, Daniel Berehulak, Jasmine Star, Gered Mankowitz, Bruce Davidson, Zed Nelson and Miles Aldridge.

Price: £13.95 and free for professional photographers (subject to verification criteria). Masterclasses and Super stage sessions are extra (see website).

What’s included: Tickets include entry to the show, with hundreds of exhibitors and free stage sessions. There are a number of masterclasses and Super Stage sessions which can be purchased for a small additional cost.

Summary: Full to the brim with everything a passionate photography enthusiast or a well-seasoned professional photographer could possibly dream of; including the latest technology from all the leading brands, demos of the latest kit, conference sessions and a complete range of talks and seminars guaranteed to meet your needs, whatever your level. Join like-minded photographers at the must-attend event in the image making community’s calendar.

What makes you different from other conferences?

The Photography Show has something for everyone and is full of learning opportunities, there are multiple stages at the event including: Behind the Lens Theatre, Live Stage, The Great Outdoors, Mobile & Social Stage and Drone Zone. Plus if the stages aren’t enough, there’s over 250 exhibitors!

Who is your target audience?

The Photography Show is suitable for all levels of photographer, whether it’s someone who has been a professional for years or someone at the very beginning of their photography journey the show has sessions and exhibitors designed to appeal to everyone. The stage sessions cover all different genres of photography from wedding, portrait and fashion, to wildlife, astrophotography and sports.

Snap Photography Festival | Norfolk

Dates: 23rd – 27th April 2018

Speakers: Kristen Kalp, Marianne Chua, Don & Helen, Cathy Haynes, Chris and Verity Sansom, Wyn Wylie, Alison Branagan, Alex Beckett, Laura Babb,  Angela Ward-Brown, Matt Badenoch, Claire Penn, Ellie Gillard, Kari Bellamy,  Jamie Sia Gadong, Elly Lucas, Sheely Richmond, Hannah Hall, Elle Narbrook.

Price: Starting at £1000

What’s included: Accommodation, meals, activities and events.

Summary: SNAP is the annual gathering of our incredible community. Featuring educational content, business advice, inspiring keynote talks, practical shoot demonstrations and a whole notebook full of ideas to propel your business forward.

What makes you different from other conferences?

SNAP gives you a chance to step outside of your day to day life, take some time for yourself and focus on your creativity and business. We also have one of the most supportive communities in the industry and a focus on inclusivity.

Who is your target audience?

Wedding and lifestyle photographers from all sections of the industry. We are a friendly, inclusive and welcoming event that’s open to everyone.

X-Weddings Conference | Bath

Dates: 12th June 2018

Speakers: Marianne Chua, Neale James, Kevin Mullins, York Place Studios, Facundo Santana and Patrick La Roque.

Price: £225

What’s included: Full day access to all the Keynote sessions. Pass includes lunch and refreshments, goody bag, two free entries to the competition and access to the after event party on the 12th of June.

Summary: The X-Weddings Wedding Photography Conference is born from the X-Weddings Facebook Group this two-day conference is aimed at wedding photographers who want to learn from some of the best photographers currently shooting with the Fujifilm system – though those attended need not use Fujifilm.

What makes you different from other conferences?

This conference is supported by Fujifilm and all the 2018 speakers are acclaimed Fujifilm photographers. In some cases, they are official X-Photographers. However, the conference is, of course, open to photographers who use any brand of a camera…. and you may not even need to be a wedding photographer to find it beneficial.

Who is your target audience?

Wedding and Street Photographers who want to understand how some of the best photographers in the world currently use their Fujifilm Systems.

NineDots Gathering | London

Dates: 12th – 14th November 2018

Jennifer Moher, Susana Barbera, Anna Ambrosi, Ross Harvey, Sam Docker, Heather Jowett, Nadine Van Biljon, Laura and Peter Lawson, Claire Penn, J Dhillon, Andy Gaines, Adam Johnson, Rahul Khona and Mick Shah.

Price: £795

What’s included: 3 Days and night of inspiration, learning, keynotes, practicals, mini-masterclasses, socials, breakfast and lunch, ping-pong and partying at the coolest venue in the coolest city.

Summary: The NineDots Gathering is the annual boutique conference for 150 like-minded wedding photographers in London every November founded in 2014.

We’ve crafted an experience which has the perfect blend of inspiring keynote presentations on our mainstage, practical teaching in our mini-masterclass zone, expert business advice, the latest and greatest products on offer from our exhibiting sponsors, and plenty of social time to hang out, relax and connect with other wedding photographers from around the world.

What makes you different from other conferences?

The lack of green room and the awesome NineDots Community spirit. It’s an immersive conference – in between the education, you challenge the speakers to ping pong – as well as pick their brains and ask them questions. It’s just a wonderful friendly atmosphere over the 3 days.

Who is your target audience?

Wedding photographers from weekend warriors looking to take the plunge into this industry to seasoned pros who have been shooting 10 years or more. NineDots is completely inclusive and all are welcome.

Top European Conferences for Wedding Photographers in 2018

Bodaf Europe | Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 13th – 16th March 2018

Speakers: Martin Parr, Luis Garvan, Allison & Brian Callaway, Victor Lax, Greg Finck, Roberto Panciatici, Mónica Muñoz, Gys, William Lambelet, Maru Films, Eric-René Penoy, Frøydis Geithus, Tom Robak, Sam Hurd and Rafal Bojar.

Price: €225

What’s included: Access to the three days of conferences.

Summary: learning + experiences + training + friends. If you want to learn and grow as a professional image Bodaf Europe is the largest congress in Europe. 4 days of lectures, Master Classes, Keynotes and 1000 square meters of commercial offer with simultaneous translation to English for lectures and masterclasses.

What makes you different from other conferences?

We have the experience of 8 editions, we have been the first of in a fun and modern city like Barcelona, cheap and easy to get to. 18 lectures + 10 Master Class with shooting. Bodaf has a big party at an epic club in Barcelona.

Who is your target audience?

Photographers of new weddings or with years of experience from all over Europe. There are not only wedding conferences, also photojournalism, fashion, inspiration.

Islanders | Kilkenny, Ireland

Dates: 19-21st March 2018

Speakers: Cinematic Tide, Dreamcatcher, Maru Films, Eric Savo, White Cat Studio, Paul Mcginty, Mark Pacura, Ross Harvey, Awake and Dreaming, Petar Jurica, Enchanted Brides, Story of Eve, Rafal Bojar, Rubistyle and Sascha Kraemer.

Price: €495

What’s included: An unforgettable experience, Monday raw podcast photo walk, Monday evening social night, 2 days of conference, teas and coffees during the breaks, lunch on each day of the conference, invitation for a Tuesday social gathering and an invitation for a Wednesday closing party.

Summary: As a Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers, part of our job is to watch emotion develop in front of us. Even more so, our responsibility is to capture those emotions in the most beautiful way. We believe that Islanders will help you refocus and reenergise for the upcoming wedding season, but also will give you an opportunity to meet many similar souls.

What makes you different from other conferences?

We try to merge Wedding Photographer and Videographers as one force that work hard on each wedding to make the best memories for our Wedding Couples. It’s about sharing similar passion and helping each other build strong relationships amongst our peers. We also put a lot pressure on making sure everyone has a great time with us and leaves us charged for the upcoming wedding season.

Who is your target audience?

Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers that are seeking a fresh point of view and a spark that will help them reenergise for the upcoming wedding season.

Fearless Conference | Split Croatia

Dates: 20th – 21st March 2018

Speakers: Natan Sans, Christelle Rall, Wellington Fugisse, Marlen Vega, Gerhard Nel, Joshua D’hondt, Cafa Liu and Tolani Alli. Ralf Czogallik, Marie Bösendorfer, Michael Bösendorfer, Nseabasi Akpan, Christiaan De Groot, Lina Orsino-Allen, Marine Poron, Maíra Erlich, Heiko Schmidt and Cati Schmidt.

Price: €300

What’s included: 2 days of platform speakers.

Summary: The conference is a series of inspirational and motivational photographers sharing their experiences. It’s not a hands-on, how-to conference but rather, it’s a place to explore and expand the mind.

What makes you different from other conferences?

The speakers are not established rockstars in the wedding photography industry. We prefer speakers who are just emerging on to the scene but who are good people with a passion the share and help others.

Who is your target audience?

Photographers who want to connect with community to better themselves personally as well as professionally.

Masters Seminar | Amsterdam

Dates: 15th & 16th May 2018

Speakers: Lanny & Erika Mann, Heiko & Cati Schmidt, Christophe Viseux, Isabelle Hattink

Price: €235

What’s included:

Day 1: All seminars, Coffee, tea & water in between the presentations. Lunch + juice. BBQ + 2 drinks.

Day 2: Street photography, No food & Drinks included

Summary: This Masters Seminar has an international character (all English spoken). We welcome wedding photographers from all over the world to get inspired by our amazing speakers and get involved in our community. Besides top notch presentations on day 1, day 2 will be dedicated to street photography on the canals of Amsterdam and will give you an opportunity to create friendships for life with fellow wedding photographers.

poster for the wedding conference Masters Seminar

What makes you different from other conferences?

At a beachfront location overlooking the city centre of Amsterdam a raw industrial area will be the setting for a full day of world class presentations by some of the best wedding photographers on the planet.

Who is your target audience?

This seminar is for photographers who want to get inspired & make photographer friends for life.

WEDDCAMP | Mamaia, Romania

Dates: 19th – 20th June 2018

Speakers: Franck Boutonnet, Isabelle Hattink, Afina & Zoltan Jambor, Theo Manusaride, Marius Barbulescu, Rares Pulbere, Vlad Lodoaba, Monica & Adrian Cotiga, Adina Dumitrescu, Fran Boloni, Monica Jitariuc.

Price: €229

What’s included: Translation Romanian-English, Lunch for both days, coffee breaks, 50 € discount to Franck Boutonnet and Isabelle Hattink workshops, 60% discount to a 2 hours masterclass about how to use Newsletters with Marius Tudor and Narcis Tarcea.

Summary: WEDDCAMP is an educational event built around the wedding photographer’s community in Romania and the nearby countries. At WEDDCAMP we try to bring as much value as we can giving photographers the opportunity to learn from the experience of other well-established professional photographers from all over the world. For 2018 we have 2 days full of presentations followed by a great beach party. The third day is reserved to workshops.

What makes you different from other conferences?

WEDDCAMP is taking place in Mamaia, the most lively and popular resort on the Romanian seaside. It is a family friendly conference by giving the chance to wedding photographers to mix the conference days with vacation.

We have great wedding photographers in Romania. They have something to say in this industry and they need to be seen and heard. We believe our beach party is different than any other after conference parties

Who is your target audience?

Our main audience is formed by Romanian wedding photographers, no matter their experience level is, but we aim to have more attendees from the countries around Romania and from all over the Europe. In the past two years he had attendees from Belgium, Italy, UK, USA, Germany, Spain and Nigeria.

Way Up North | Cologne, Germany

Dates: 25th – 26th September

Zack Arias, A Wild Escape, Alicia Swedenborg, Brinson + Banks, Carmen + Ingo, Jai Long, Jen Huang, Kirk Mastin, Maciej Suwałowski, Samm Blake, Anna Roström (host), Michael Antonio (aka The Flashdance – DJ).

Price: €345

What’s included: Two days access to the presentations, sponsors and event surrounding the event, plus a complimentary one day pass to Photokina which starts in Cologne right after Way Up North.

Top Tips For Wedding Photographers When Attending Conferences

While putting together this post I reached out to the conference creators and asked them what their top tips would be for photographers attending their events. This is the advice they gave:

“Join the attendees Facebook group and make plans for breakfasts, lunches etc to mingle and meet-up wth new folks. Or if you’re coming with a friend try and widen your circle by meeting other groups… it’s good to talk :) “Mike Garrard (Elevate)

“Be open to sharing and to learning about the experiences of others.”Huy Nguyen (Fearless Photographers)

“Take what you need. Don’t try to do everything and be everywhere. Take some time out to digest all of the information that comes your way. Down time is as important as learning.”Laura Babb (Snap)

“Seek out people you don’t know and make connections – the NineDots Community stretches all around the world and it could take you to some incredible places and experiences.”Andy Gaines (Nine Dots)

“1. Be very selective. It’s easy to attend too many conferences.
2. Make sure the people educating are actual working professionals.
3. Try to realise that a difference in stylistic opinion doesn’t mean you can’t learn from somebody else.” – Kevin Mullins (X-Weddings Conference)

“For each participant it is different. Their own subjectivity, the stage they are in, the needs they have, the power to implement what they learn is just a few of the countless things that can influence the outcome of such an experience. Information is there, a lot and different, but not only the information can change the attendees. It depends on how they assimilate and use it later. You can also create relationships, change ideas, learn, regain excitement and find new sources of inspiration.”Irina Groza (WEDDCAMP)

“Put into practice what was learned after the conference. Enjoy, know other photographers.” Andres Parro (Bodaf Europe)

“Get out of your comfort zone, be open to new ideas and meet as many new people as you can!” Christiaan de Groot (Masters Seminar)

“Open your heart, focus, listen carefully. Take notes. Make an immediate action once you leave the conference. Over 90% of the attendees of any conference type in the World does nothing with the knowledge that they get at such an events. Do not be that 90%.” Tomasz Kornas (Islanders)

Wrap Up

I hope this post has helped you learn more about the awesome conferences on offer to wedding photographers. Maybe I’ll see you at one of them in the future :)

I wanted to end with a massive thanks for everyone who contributed to this post and who organises these fantastic events. A huge amount of work goes into them behind the scenes. I’ve personally benefited so much from the conferences I’ve attented and will always be grateful for all the hard work that goes into them. So again –

Thank you!

Did I miss out any conferences?

If you know of any UK or European conferences for wedding photographers that I’ve missed and you think should be included, please let me know in the comments below.