Exploring a new city, country or culture with a camera is a great way to soak in the environment. The camera trains you to really look and notice things you may often have missed. Since becoming a full time wedding photographer my observation skills have improved through practice and training of my eye. It’s great fun applying this skill set to my love of exploring new places, be it a new area of London, or a city on another continent.

The art of Street Photography has also hugely benefited the skills I use on a wedding day. Working in challenging conditions, capturing moments without interrupting them and practice, practice, practice all contribute to improving my wedding photography. Adam Riley has written a great detailed blog post on this specific subject.

Using the storytelling power of street photography is a great way to share places and people who have had an impact on you. The camera is a fantastic tool that allows you to share what it was like to be somewhere with people who weren’t. When I’m visiting a new location I like to challenge myself to find ways of capturing the unique energy and atmosphere of the place. This is the same approach I apply when photographing weddings overseas

Below you will find a mix of my street photography and travel photography posts and some personal projects.

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