Cass and Rich’s Southbank Engagement Session ahead of their Intimate Claridges Wedding

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you probably gathered that I’m a pretty big fan of London. A city brimming with character, culture and covered with little gems just waiting to be discovered. One of my all time favourite spots is London’s Southbank. So when Cass & Rich told me they wanted to have a Southbank engagement session I was thrilled.

London’s Southbank – One of my favourite spots for an Engagement Shoot

Why is the Southbank one of my favourite London locations? Apart from taking in some of London’s greatest landmarks (Westminster, Big Ben, London Aquarium, London Dungeons, London Eye, Millennium Bridge, Tower of London, Tower Bridge) the path along the Thames is filled with little joys (markets, buskers & performers, a beach, the infamous skate park, the old book store and many more). No matter how many times I’ve walked along the Southbank I always discover new gems. Cass & Rich’s engagement session was no exception.

Cass & Rich’s South Bank Adventure

Cass and Rich were a hoot! During their engagement session they were up for trying any crazy idea that entered my mind. At one point this had them swinging over railings trying to get onto the Thames beach, much to the amusement of onlookers. From the photos that we got (see below) I hope they’ll agree that it was worth it.

It turned out that while we were down there the tide was coming in. This certainly made getting back over the railings a little more of an exciting challenge. Credit for the idea to go on the merry go round has to go to Cass and produced one of my favourite photos from the day. Secretly I think Rich was equally as excited to go on the merry go round, even if he tried to hide it a little more than Cass did.

Good Old London Weather

Typical of London the weather was overcast for the entire afternoon. The only exception was a break in the clouds for all of about 5min when a bit of blue sky peaked through. We used this opportunity to capture the above photo. It was also the day of the London Marathon so we got plenty of opportunities to see those brave soles limping along with tinfoil sheets on their backs, making us feel guilty for our lack of exercise and general activity.

Excited for their Wedding at Claridges

I can’t wait see Cass & Rich again next month for their wedding at Claridges! I enjoyed a recce to the venue earlier this week…the lift has a leather sofa in it!