A Stunning Summer New Forest Engagement Shoot with the amazing Emily and Terry

“I am so happy!! The photos are not too gross and smushy, but awesome and lovely” – Emily

New Forest – A Welcome Escape from London

If you haven’t already visited the New Forest National Park (located just north of Southhampton) make sure you put it on to your to-do-list! The place is absolutely stunning! Wondering around it feels like something out of a fairy tale or a grand adventure. Over 2 hours we didn’t see a single other person. A very welcomed escape from London.

I was told that each month the whole forest takes on a different look depending which flowers/plants are in bloom. If visiting make sure you bring someone who knows the area well or a map. There is no phone signal in the New Forest so Google Maps won’t be able to save you. I would have been totally lost without Emily and Terry to guide me.

Emily and Terry’s New Forest Engagement Shoot Adventure

I was lucky enough to visit the New Forest a couple of week’s ago for Emily & Terry’s engagement session. With them needing little direction from me and being game for any crazy ideas I came up with we had a blast. Even though hearing about their plans for their 18 month honeymoon touring the world (no that is not a typo) did make me a little jealous.

They also seemed to quite enjoy me positioning myself in precarious positions, from lying in a pile of thorns to hanging upside down over a drain to shoot through it (photo below with the circular frame).

Why did we pick the New Forest?

The New Forest was chosen because Emily had grown up nearby and spent a lot of time during her childhood at her aunt’s house which was in the actual park. This added a nice sentimental element to the session which is always nice. One of the highlights had to be when Emily complained about being cold, Terry offered to walk in front of her to block the wind, penguin style. Not sure how effective his tactic was but it was quite cute.

I can’t wait for their Stoke Newington, London wedding in September!