Clissold Park Engagement Shoot Photos with the Awesome Amy & Gerry

Last week I got to enjoy some of the last of this year’s summer sun with Amy and Gerry for their London pre wedding photography shoot in Clissold Park. If you’re based in North London and haven’t visited Clissold Park I highly recommend a visit! It recently had a huge investment and now boasts (along with lots of park space) ponds, a petting zoo, tennis courts and even a skate park. I used to live down the road from it and am a little annoyed I never visited it. The evening was filled with golden light from the setting sun which was great fun to play with.

Getting Comfortable in front of the Camera

Amy and Gerry, as with most couples, started off a little nervous in front of the camera. Although I got the feeling Gerry may have been faking his initial shyness a little. Within minutes he was taking the lead and suggesting fun little activities and places to check out. Amy followed suit and we had a blast. By the end of the shoot there’d been plenty of silliness and laughs. Probably the only disappointment during the shoot was Amy & Gerry’s failed pooh sticks attempt. Sticks check, stream check, bridge check, running water……not so much. When the sticks did start to move turns out they’d been dropped on the wrong side. Ooops.

Interesting fact, Gerry is the mastermind behind the Rooftop film club. So if you’ve ever enjoyed their awesome experience you’ve got him to thank, and if you haven’t then I highly recommend you check them out.

Less than a week to go until their epic sounding outdoor wedding at Wookey Hole in Somerset. I can’t wait!


London Pre Wedding Photography Shoot in Clissold Park by Matt Badenoch Photography.