A Summer Evening Creative London Engagement Shoot Along the Southbank

A few weeks a go Stephanie, Christiaan and myself set off for a rather ambitious creative London engagement photography shoot. They were keen to take in several of London’s iconic sights. These included Westminster, London Eye, the Underground, St Paul’s and London Bridge. With only two hours until sunset it was going to be tight. But I always love a good challenge. With so many iconic sites playing a key role in this engagement shoot there was plenty of opportunity to get creative.

Kicking Off At Westminster Bridge

We kicked things off by heading down to Westminster bridge for a view of parliament. There was a bit of commotion on the bridge and river. It turned out they were filming a scene for the new Bond movie Spectre. We didn’t spot any of the stars but may have seen a villainous yacht from the movie. This rather inspired a bit of an action movie style dash in the Underground (see below).

A Never Ending Smile

It turned out that Christiaan had an interesting characteristic – he never stopped smiling. It was quite infectious and got me and Stephanie going, especially when he started claiming that all the great buildings in London were built by a German architect. The HMS Belfast might have been a bit of a stretch. I may have forgotten to mention that Christiaan is half German and half Dutch. With Stephanie being half Brazilian they make a really cool international couple.

Wrapping Up At Tower Bridge

The last stop was Tower Bridge. It was here at the Strada Restaurant next to the Town Hall where Stephanie & Christiaan enjoyed their first date. It’s always nice on an engagement shoot to include a location with history for the couple.

2 hours and 10 minutes later and it was mission accomplished! We even had time for a little fool around on some Boris bikes.

Tomorrow I’ll be rejoining this awesome couple for their Salvation Army wedding up in Reading. I can’t wait! Spoiler – the priest may be wearing a military uniform.