An Awesome DIY Salvation Army Wedding with Stephanie and Christiaan

Ever since Stephanie & Christiaan’s whirlwind engagement shoot hitting up some of London’s coolest locations I’d been excited for their Wedding. One reason was that this was going to be my first ever Salvation Army wedding.

A Salvation Army Wedding Ceremony

Before meeting Stephanie & Christiaan I knew relatively little about the Salvation Army. I remember their tent at Reading Festival where we used to go to top up on hot coffee and soup (actually met the guy responsible for this during the day), but that was it. One of the coolest things about the ceremony was that several of the congregation and the officer (vicar equivalent) were wearing their military style uniforms. The community atmosphere throughout the day was fantastic. For those interested to learn more about the Salvation Army, check them out.

Some Highlights from their Wedding

It’s hard to pick just a few highlights from such a memorable day, but here goes. Christiaan & Stephanie are quite the international couple. Stephanie being half Brazilian and Christiaan half German. Every country has their stereotypes and both Christiaan & Stephanie and their families did their justice. From getting ready (Christiaan went from jeans and t-shirt to being fully wedding-ready in under 10min) to just about anytime the family was needed for a formal part of the day (always waiting on the Brazilians).

Stephanie & Christiaan had a fantastic idea during the dinner – a pub quiz like no other. Every guest were given a paper figure of a bride and of a groom. Statements were given and everyone had to hold up the figure of who they thought it related to. For example, ‘who does all the cooking’ or (my personal favourite) ‘who has the smelliest feet’. First time I’d seen this done and it was hilarious. Before the meal was done poor Christiaan had to endure family videos being shown from his childhood.

My final highlight had to be during the Bride & Groom photos in a nearby park where Christiaan walked off on a mission to remove some drunk kids from a bench we wanted to use. Christiaan you are my hero!

Wishing both Stephanie & Christiaan all the best in their future adventures together!



Reading Documentary Wedding Photography by Matt Badenoch Photography.