A Columbia Flower Market Engagement Shoot with the Absolutely Lovely Anna and Adam

During my Autumn engagement session with the amazing Anna & Adam I had an absolute blast, picked up a few bruises and got to see some parts of London I hadn’t come across before.

Why Columbia Flower Market?

We met up at the Columbia Flower market which was in full swing. We were quickly surrounded by the smells of the various flowers, bustling crowds and venders shouting out bargains as they tried to sell their wares. One of the reasons for choosing the market was that Anna used to work in the flower shop. Her knowledge of flowers & plants certainly put mine and Adam’s to shame.  She also didn’t appear too amused when Adam suggested some cool looking cactus for their wedding day.

Photographing Columbia Flower Market

Trying to photograph a subject in a crowd of moving people certainly has it’s challenges, especially when you’re standing a fair distance back with a zoom lens trying to add layers to your shot. Columbia Flower Market this Sunday afternoon was bustling. While looking down the lens you can become quite unaware of your surroundings which led to a few angry pedestrians and a couple of bumps and bruises. But when the shot comes together it’s so worth it.

Victoria Park Engagement Shoot

From the flower market we then took a winding stroll through East London to Victoria park. I’d never been before, it was beautiful. On the way we passed the home where Adam’s Grandmother used to leave during the war (I love a bit of history).

Why have an Engagement Shoot in Autumn?

One of the best things about doing an engagement session in Autumn is the colour of the leaves. The yellows, the oranges, the reds and the browns all make a spectacular back drop. Sadly it doesn’t last long before the leaves start to fall so make sure you get outside with your cameras quickly.

Anna & Adam are the Coolest of Cats

I probably haven’t mentioned above how cool Anna & Adam are and how great it was spending time hanging out with them. Adam being a photographer himself was great at understanding what I was trying to achieve and even reassured Anna when I disappeared into a bush for a few minutes (see the last few photos in the gallery below).

I truly cannot wait for their Wedding day next summer!