A Fun-Filled Westminster Engagement Shoot with the Epic Rob & Tyler During the Festival of Love

A fun shoot along the Thames last week with the fun, energetic and rather mischievous couple Rob & Tyla! They are one of those couples that take great pleasure from winding each other up which made it a truly entertaining shoot for me :)  After spending some time with these two you can’t help to notice what a perfect match they are for each other.

A Westminster Engagement Shoot

We kicked off things near Westminster Square with a plan to make our way past the Houses of Parliament, across the bridge and then along South Bank; so hopefully taking in a good mix of the old, the new and the random (e.g. Tyla hugging a giant Penguin).

So many tourists! You had to constantly duck and weave to stay out of people’s photos. These days this is even more tricky because with phones having cameras on both front and back I never know which direction they are taking the photo……is it a photo of Big Ben or a selfie with the London Eye in the background??

I’d also never had to try so hard to avoid getting people in my shot or (on one occasion where my head was almost on the pavement) being stepped on……but I do enjoy a challenge :)

The Festival of Love on the Southbank

When we reached the Southbank we were very pleasantly surprised to stumble upon the Festival of Love (how had I not heard about this before?)! Admittedly some of the shots we took here even pushed my cheese levels to their limits.

Overall an awesome shoot, showing off many of the reasons I love London in the Summer!