Below is a list of the top 190+ wedding blogs sorted by Domain Authority to help wedding photographers get the maximum SEO benefits.

As a wedding photographer, there are many different reasons you may wish to submit your photos to a wedding blog. These might include getting in front of your target couple, an opportunity to collaborate with other suppliers, explore with other photographers and the SEO benefits from a backlink.

Backlinks are still a really important way to boost your websites ranking and wedding blogs are a fantastic way of getting an awesome range of relevant backlinks from websites with a strong Domain Authority.

Note: This post looks exclusively at the SEO benefits of being featured on wedding blogs.

If you’re new to SEO and would like a better understanding of Domain Authority and Follow vs No Follow Links , there’s info on these below the table. I also share how I collected the data in the table.

In the ‘Top Wedding Blogs’ lists above, I only included websites that provide a direct ‘Follow’ link to photographers’ websites. Wedding blogs that give a ‘No Follow’ or ‘Listing’ link are not included.

Top 190+ Wedding Blogs to be Featured on in 2018 for Wedding Photographers

What counts as a ‘Wedding Blog’?

I’ve included all websites that have a wedding section to their website where you can submit Real Weddings. As well as designated wedding blog websites this list also includes other opportunities to have your wedding photos featured on powerful websites such as Etsy.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is score developed by Moz to show the strength and rank-ability of a website in search engine results. A DA score ranges from 1 to 100 with higher scores relating to stronger websites and a higher ability for them to rank well.

The Domain Authority of a website is a great indicator of the SEO benefits you will receive from Backlinks. The higher the DA of the website, the more SEO juice you’ll get from having a Backlink from that site.

What are Follow, No Follow and Listing Links?

Links from one website to another are either follow or no follow. Follow links carry SEO benefits where as no follow links carry very little weight. No follow links are typically used for links from social media and blog comments. So when getting a backlink from a wedding blog you want to make sure it is a follow link. The above table shows you which websites give follow and no follow links for their features.

‘Listings’ is where a website will link not directing to your website, but instead to a profile page about you on their website. This profile page may or may not then link to your website. Sadly this listing linking strategy doesn’t carry the SEO benefits of a direct link to your website.

How was the Data collected?

Domain Authority

To measure the DAs for the wedding blogs I used the MozBar. All the DA data below was collected in May 2018. The DAs do fluctuate monthly which is why I collected all the data at the same time. I’ll be updating the results at the beginning of 2019 to keep the list relevant.

Link Type (Follow, No Follow, Listing)

Using a No FollowChrome plugin tool I went onto a recent post by each of the wedding blog and checked the type of link they were using to credit the photographer.

Note: these results are only for features on the blogs, not paid ads. According to Google’s Guidelines, links you pay for should be no follow links.

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I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts please pop them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you pronto.