Photos of the Shakespeare Summer Festival in Cambridgeshire

I don’t know about you but at school, much to my teachers frustration, Shakespeare always seemed to go completely over my head! It was kind of hard to see what all the fuss was about.

So when Adam (old friend of mine who has been acting in some very exciting projects lately) asked if I would pop up to Cambridge to photograph his theatre company’s performance of Taming of the Shrew as part of the Shakespeare Summer FestivalI thought it was only fair to give Shakespeare another chance…….and I was so not disappointed!

Rediscovering Shakespeare

I don’t know if it was the amazing talent of the performers, being in a beautiful outdoor location, or just not trying so hard to understand it that my head hurt. But Shakespeare was suddenly making sense and was really entertaining, as well as kind of dirty at times….

Only 45min from Kings Cross the Shakespeare Summer Festival is a great option for Londoners who like to get out of the city and chill out on a blanket with a cold drink, some snacks and enjoy some good old fashioned British talent in the great outdoors. I’ll certainly be heading back next year!