A 100% Virtual Street Photo Exhibition for Charity


Come join us for a week of discovering stories from afar through a charitable street photography virtual experience!

This month we (Corina & Matt) were supposed to be hosting our first Exhibition together in Brighton, UK with some of our favourite street photos from our travels over the past few years. Sadly, as with so many people right now, our plans are no longer possible given Covid19. However, rather than let it go, we’ve decided to use the digital tools available to us to take our Exhibition online and create a unique 100% Virtual Experience!

3 Ways to Explore the Exhibition

Over the next 2 weeks we will be on Instagram sharing photo stories, behind the scene looks, videos, some tips and live Q&As to make the experience as engaging as possible for you. We hope to use this part of our Exhibition to offer you a more in depth look into the places and peoples we visited. It’s also the best place to drop us any questions you have. Don’t forget to also check our Corina’s Insta Exhibition.

This gallery includes many of the photos seen across our exhibition and also some extras ones that are perfect for prints. You’ll have the choice of ordering Beautiful Photographic Prints, Stunning Acrylic Prints which truly bring the photos alive or, if you’re based overseas and don’t want to pay hi transport costs – Digital Downloads to make your own print. We are using the sales from these prints to raise money for World Vision’s Covid Crisis Response (learn more below).

Why We’ve Created This Exhibition

Share our Passion for Street Photography

Street photography has brought both Corina and I so many incredible experiences over the years. It has allowed us to explore new locations in so much more depth, lead to so many fascinating conversations with people (often over a shared coffee in their homes) and even allowed us to see familiar locations in a completely new way. We’ve also found it an incredibly therapeutic activity that has had benefits for our mental wellbeing. Plus as a result you have photos to enjoy and remind you of these experiences (our home is full of them).

Throughout this exhibition, we hope we can rub off some of this passion for exploring places in this way and maybe inspire you to give it a ago. Alongside our stories we are also sharing some of our top street photography tips and key things we’ve learnt along the way.

Raise Money for WV’s Covid19 Crisis Response

As we quickly learned in the UK, while we’ve all been impacted by Covid19 in some way, the suffering has not been equally spread. Around the world people in developing countries have been hit especially hard. Without welfare systems like Furloughing and Universal Credit and low income households usually living pay-check week to week, the lockdown has pushed many families into extreme poverty and potentially starvation . In India (currently 4th highest number of Covid19 cases in the world) after a lockdown was imposed without warning and the public transport network was shut down many families had to walk hundreds of km back to their villages. Then you have the virus itself which is having a horrific impact when set against weak health care systems.

We want to use this exhibition to help raise awareness and support for some of these most vulnerable communities. We’re raising money through print sales with all profits from this exhibition going to World Vision’s Covid Crisis Response . World Vision is a NGO we worked with in Nepal, photos of which are featured in the exhibition.

Donate Directly to World Vision’s Covid19 Crisis Response

If you’d prefer not to buy prints (maybe you don’t have anywhere in the house to put them) but would still like to support the Covid19 Crisis Response, then you can donate directly to World Vision via the button below.

If you use this option would you mind emailing us ([email protected]) and letting us know the amount you donated so that we can track how much this Exhibition has raised.

Donate To World Vision

Ways You Can Help Us

We’re hoping to raise as much money as possible for the Covid19 Crisis Response and the more people we can connect with through this exhibition the greater the chance we have of meeting this goal. Any of the following you can do would be soooo appreciated!

⊕ Buy Prints or Digital Downloads (this is how we’re raising the money)

⊕ Engage (likes and comments) with out Content on Social Media

⊕ Share the link to this page on your Social Media platforms

⊕ If you can think any of your friends or family would enjoy our Exhibition please share it with them


If you’re part of a community that would like to learn and explore more (either on the topic of Street Photography or on how to create a virtual exhibition experience) we’d be happy to do a live Q&A or interview with you.

We’re really grateful for your support! Thank you!!

Matt & Corina xx

photo of Matt and Corina with photos from their exhibition street stories from afar

Photo Credit: Chris Barber

Corina and I finally got our physical Exhibition in Brighton!! Well, kind of…. :)