A Fun Summer Buckingham Palace Engagement Shoot with Jenny and Arron

“We just had a look and couldn’t stop laughing at one another. That is the most I have ever laughed in pictures.” – Jenny

Why Choose St Jame’s Park for your Engagement Shoot?

This was my first time doing a St James Park Engagement shoot. Actually I think this was my first time in St James Park itself. I was thinking about all the times I’d walked past it, but I don’t think I’d ever taken the time to walk through it. Like many of London’s parks, one of the nicest things about St James Park is that for a time you forget you’re still in London. From the lack of fumes to the stillness and peace & quiet. The latter being occasionally broken by kids trying to rip the heads off flowers, something Jenny didn’t have a problem telling them off for :)

After a stroll through St. James’ Park we walked along the mall down to Buckingham Palace. We took a few patriotic photos with the Union Jack to welcome Jenny to her new home (originally from the US).

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Arron had previously mentioned he wasn’t a fan of spending time in front of the camera. He, like many of my couples aren’t alone. But as is usually the case you certainly couldn’t tell from looking at the photos. Actually there was hardly a moment that Arron & Jenny weren’t messing about and giggling with each other. That’s exactly how engagement shoot’s should be – good fun!

After their St James Park engagement shoot I can’t wait for their wedding in August! With many of Arron & Jenny’s families meeting each other for the very first time it’s sure to be a very exciting day!

A St James Park Engagement Shoot by Matt Badenoch Photography.