Fun Packed St Bart’s Brewery Wedding Photos in London with Sophie & Rob

Sophie and Rob’s St Bart’s Brewery Wedding in Smithfields was packed full of fun, emotion and personalised details! We kicked things off down a pub in North London with the boys (convenient proximity to the church).

I then joined the girls for a bit of champagne as they finished their prep. There were some old school photos being passed around which caused a lot of laughter. Sophie at one point (in the sweetest way) apologised for being a ‘Bridezilla’ which was hard not to giggle at as it couldn’t have been further from the truth. As you can probably tell from the below photos.

Doing Things Their Way

I’m lucky enough to work with loads of awesome couples who love to do things their own way. This often involves cool details and activities which told a personal connection to them. It’s great seeing these connections and also being introduced to new forms of awesomeness. Sophie and Rob’s Brewery wedding was certainly no exception to this. From a parade through North London behind a violin and accordion (by a couple of close friends) to a board game themed dinner (so cool!), there was so much going on!

To expand a little on the board game theme a bit. Each table was named after a board game and actually had that board game as a centrepiece. The kids loved ‘Go Fish’. But the best part was a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’ each table played before the meal. Oh and instead of table names, they had interesting/slightly embarrassing photos of the person sitting at that place. There was even one of me which came as a surprise!

Black & white photo of a first dance at a St Bart's Brewery Wedding in London

One Epic Wedding Party

I couldn’t write this blog without a dedication to the party which was epic! We had a Limbo, Conga Lines, Rob being launched into the air on more than one occasion and awesome dance moves from all the generations. And most of this happened within the first hour of the band kicking off (awesome stuff by the Sparks btw)!

Why Pick St Bart’s Brewery As Your Wedding Venue?

St Bart’s Brewery was fun-filled venue brimming with character. A great location next to Smithfields market in central London and very helpful and friendly staff. Plus the indoor venue offered a huge amount of natural light with its large glass windows.

I’d like to wrap up by saying a massive thank you to Rob and Sophie for inviting me to share in their awesome wedding, for their friends and family for making me feel so welcome and to the staff at St. Bart’s Brewery who were a delight to work with!

Wishing Sophie and Rob all the best in their future adventures together, of which I’m sure they’ll be plenty!

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Church: St James Clerkenwell | Venue: St. Bart’s Brewery | Band: The Sparks | Cake: Doreen | Flowers: Doey | Bouquets: Alex Rees

If you’re planning a St. Bart’s Brewery wedding or a wedding at any other awesome location and are looking for a natural style of wedding photography to capture all the emotion and energy of your day then please get in contact to check my availability!