10% of your payment goes directly to Ebola relief in Sierra Leone, West Africa. So if you booked a wedding, you would be contributing £140. Please note that my client price lists have not been impacted by this initiative.


So you’re probably now wondering why I’m giving away 10% of my revenue and why to ebola relief? Sierra Leone and its people have a place in my heart after I spent 6 months living in Freetown (the capital) back in 2012. It’s a stunning country (postcard beaches and wild mountains) with some of the most hospitable and fun people I have ever met (you can see some photos from this trip below). It has also had a cursed history outside its own doing. Once known as the ‘Athens of Africa’, the discovery of diamonds scattered across the country saw a surge of doctors, farmers, teachers and others leave their jobs in search of riches. Soon after this, the war in neighbouring Liberia spilled over into Sierra Leone as the rebels used the diamond mines to fuel their war. This led to a decade long civil war that tore the country apart. The nation has spent the last 12 years successfully rebuilding and changing its perception to a country of growth, potential and prime destination for tourists. This work is now being undone by the current Ebola Crisis.

I have chosen to support an organisation that is focused on strengthening the health capacities of Sierra Leone through community empowerment and civic engagement. West African Medical Missions (WAMM) has developed a strong relationship with both the government and communities which is crucial (learn more about their efforts here). During my time there I partnered with WAMM to create an educational video on how to reduce the prevalence malaria. I also spent time with the founder of WAMM, Gabe, a US medical student with Sierra Leonian roots who has vowed not to return to the US until the  Ebola Crisis has been dealt with. He is one of the many in WAMM and other organisations putting their life at risk everyday to help others.

After spending 3 weeks touring the government health clinics in the south of the country I saw first hand the challenges the weak health sector hand in coping with the day to day needs of the people. Now add an outbreak like Ebola and the health infrastructure has all but collapsed. This summer as all efforts have been focussed on Ebola, mortality rates caused by malaria, Lassa fever and even giving birth have rapidly increased.

If you’d like to donate directly to WAMM yourself you can do so here.

Images from my time in Sierra Leone in 2012