A fun filled Richmond Park Family Shoot with the Pyle Family

Richmond Park – A Walk Down Memory Lane

As a child, while living in London, my parents used to take me to Richmond park to check out  the deer. Sadly since the age of 5 I haven’t been back. So I was super excited when Charli & Lester suggested we use it as a location for their engagement shoot. I don’t think I ever appreciated the size and beauty of the park, especially being on the door step of London. And of course there were plenty of deer who were surprisingly uncaring of human presence.

Meet the Pyle Family

Anyways back to Charli and Lester, a super fun couple with a passion for football which already seems to be rubbing off on their two kids who came along for the ride wearing a couple of awesome personalised football t-shirts! During the week Charli & Lester have their own business running football camps for young kids. Lester’s the coach and Charli takes care of the business side of things. Talk about the perfect team!

The shoot itself was super fun and having Aiden & Alexia there really increased the energy levels. These kids were constantly on the move and when ever they saw my camera pointed in their direction I was met with a thunderous “CHEESE!!”.

I can’t wait for Charli & Lester’s wedding this October! I’m sure it’s going to be a blast!