A London Summer’s Regents Park Engagement Shoot with the amazing Sonia and Simon

With last week’s beautiful pre-summer weather it was great to spend it outside in Regents Park with Sonia & Simon for their pre-wedding engagement session.

The Adventure Began with Coffee & Tea

We kicked things off with some coffee and tea at the cute Honey & Co (ps the smell of the Arabian cuisine drifting out was amazing, definitely need to revisit for a meal) in the south east corner of Regents Park.

Now it just so happens that within most couples one person is always a little more uncomfortable in front of the camera than the other. The other person then makes the effort to relax them which creates a really nice dynamic. So far it’s been a pretty even split between guys and girls.

I was interest to see out of Sonia and Simon who would be the camera shy one, with both of them being really confident individuals. Well I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as my camera was out of my bag, before I had even had the chance to turn it on, Simon went straight into meerkat mode (straight back, arms rigid by his side)…… challenge excepted.

Our Regents Park Engagement Shoot

With a few fun techniques I’ve picked up along the way, loads of laughs, Sonia being an absolute star and Simon being a champ it turned into a great session with loads of photos that highlighted how awesome they are together.

A stroll through the fancy Chester Terrace with beautiful views over Regents park had us busy making early retirement plans. Working our way through the east side of the park I realised how little of the stunning park I’d yet to explore. Something I love about London – all those hidden gems. We wrapped this up relaxing by the lake with some of the wildlife and enjoying the sun drift below the horizon.

Simon’s Pride and Joy

There was only one disappointment for me from the session; not getting a chance to meet Simon’s pride and joy – an old gangster style Mercedes. On a hot day getting it across London was a bit too much of a risk. However, I have been told she will be making an appearance at their wedding in August. Can’t wait!