Photos of the Outdoor Cinema Sensation that is the Rooftop Film Club

Stay in and watch a movie or enjoy a warm summer’s evening?…… Thanks to the team at the Rooftop Film Club‘s outdoor cinema this is no longer a choice you need to make.

Spanning across 4 outdoor London venues, the Rooftop Film Club’s outdoor cinema s each offering a grand view of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Including the London Eye, the City Skyline and the Olympic Park.

So how does it work?

Turn up shortly before sunset and take in the views with a cold pint in one hand and a hot burger in the other. Then settle down in beach style deck chair with a pair of silent disco type headphones and enjoy the movie on a massive projected screen. Oh and don’t forget the fresh popcorn. A mixture of the classics (Top Gun, American Psycho, Grease, The Beach) are on offer along with some of the new (Sena, Birdman). So you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Rain or Shine you’re in for an Awesome Night

And if it rains (has to be asked as this is after all England)? Grab a poncho and the show goes on. I got to experience this first hand at the Stratford venue where my camera enjoyed it’s very own poncho. This year their Bussey Buildings Peckham venue has teamed up with the Pizza Pilgrims, offering mouth watering, fresh pizza’s with character.

These outdoor cinemas are yet another example of what I love about living in London, where there never seems enough time to sample all that’s on offer.


After photographing the outdoor cinemas I went along to watch one of their showings myself. Watching Godzilla (the new one) amongst the London skyline was epic! I’ve already booked tickets for another showing. On that note, tickets sell out fast so don’t hang around for too long.