The NEC Birmingham is a pretty spectacular venue. It’s like a mini city. It has a range of shops, restaurants, services and even it’s very own entrance to Birmingham International. The NEC hosts over 140 events a year, attracting 2.1 visitors.

The Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition takes place every year at the NEC Birmingham. It sees companies and graduates head in from across the country. It turned out that half my train carriage heading to the NEC Birmingham from London was full of graduates heading to the fair. At the fair you had all the big names in Engineering & Construction. These included BAE Systems, Bentley, JCB, Triumph, The Royal Navy, The RAF and many more. JCB and Bentley even brought some of there toys along to show off. Witnessing the fair was a bit of a look back in the past for me. When I first arrived at University I spent a year studying Mechanical Engineering before switching to another course. Looking around me I got a look into where my life could have gone if I’d stayed with the course. I’d say I’m pretty happy with where I’ve ended up.

The NEC Birmingham provides one of those tough lighting situations with a range of different light sources coming in from every angle. These included natural light from the windows, overhead lights and lighting from the stalls. It’s something your eye adjusts to quite quickly, but for a camera it can be a bit of a nightmare. Luckily I’ve had quite a bit of experience in similar situations and always welcome a good challenge.

Credit for the smooth running of the exhibition has to go to the Venture Marketing Group Limited team who organise such events across the UK.