SEO Website Reviews for Wedding Photographers & Wedding Suppliers

Would you like to book more awesome wedding couples? Your website is one of the best places to start!

By improving your website’s SEO you can get your wedding business in front of loads more potential couples. By improving your website’s usability and experience you can convert these couples into booking!

I offer live 1-2-1 website reviews over Skype as the quickest and easiest way to gain a better understanding of SEO and get more bookings from your website.

Does SEO Make Your Head Hurt?

You’re not alone. Most people I speak to pull a painful face just at the mention of SEO. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. By the end of your website review I’ll get you to a point where SEO is no longer a complex minefield of technical jargon but a useful tool that’s 90% about the user experience and has the power to connect you with your perfect couples.

Why Are Websites So Important?

Whether your couples are finding you via Social Media, Wedding Fairs, Referrals or Paid Ads, they will usually end up on your website at some point. So by improving the experience your couples enjoy while on website, you have the opportunity to boost your books from all your marketing channels.

How Do The Website Reviews Work?

The website reviews are live (usually held on Skype) and 1-2-1 to help maximise the value you get from them. As we review your website you’ll get to see all the tools we use and ask any questions you might have as we go along.

What will we cover during your Website Review?


In today’s world people use search engines like to Google to find pretty much anything, and finding a wedding supplier is no exception. Getting your website in front of couples looking for your service is a great way of getting more bookings. And this is exactly where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

I’ll introduce you to the tools and give you the knowledge you need to make your website super SEO friendly so you can easily be found by your target couple.

Website Usability

Improving your website usability to created an awesome experience for your couples is so important in today’s digital world. Not only will providing a great website experience improve your SEO, it will also help you convert more couples to bookings from other marketing channels (social media, referrals etc).

Together we’ll go through your website, page by page, and I’ll give you specific actions to improve your website usability and help you create the best possible experience for your couples.

What will you get from your Live Website Review?

Understanding of SEO

SEO might seem like black magic now but by the end of your website review you'll have a good grounding of what Google cares about now and the direction it's heading.

Actions List For Your Website

The review is going to be very action focused and specific to your challenges so that you can make quick implementations to your website to get more bookings.

Free SEO Tools

There are so many fun SEO tools out there that can give you some amazing insight into how people are using your website. I'll give you an introduction to all my favourites. Plus they're free!

New Blog Post Ideas

After discussing who your target client is we'll brain storm some new blog ideas that will help you get in front of them and introduce them to your brand.

SEO Strategy For The Future

Based on your goals and those you're competing against we'll put together a personalised SEO strategy for you moving forward.

Who are these Website Reviews for?

These website reviews are for any wedding professional who want more bookings from their website. It can help you get in front of more couples and convert them into bookings with an awesome website experience. Based on your current SEO knowledge I offer two types of review (see packages below).

Having worked with a mix of wedding professionals in the past, I’ve witnessed first hand how much benefit a strong SEO friendly website can bring.

So whether you’re a florist, planner, cake artist, photographer, DJ, celebrant, videographer or any other awesome member of the wedding community, I’d love to work with you and help you grow your business.

Hear from Wedding Professionals I’ve worked with

Website Review Packages & Prices

2 Hour Live Website Review

We go through your website together and review both your SEO and user experience. I'll provide specific actions on how you can improve both and you can ask as many questions as you like to maximise your understanding. We wrap up by planning a specific SEO strategy for you moving forward.


4 Hour Live Website Review

Same as the 2 hours session but we kick things off with some SEO knowledge. This helps build a foundation of understanding before we jump into the review of your website. Perfect for those who want a better understanding of SEO and who currently find it all a bit of a mind f*ck.


Who am I?

Hi I’m Matt, a London based wedding photographer. Before setting up my own business in this awesome industry, I worked as a Management Consultant (please don’t ask me to explain what they do) in the City of London.

From the very first year of my business I have benefited hugely from SEO. It’s brought me so many amazing couples who have invited me to join them on their adventures in awesome locations from Skate Parks to Cruise Ships and amazing places from Ethiopia to New York.

SEO and website usability is a topic I love sharing and helping other awesome small businesses benefit from.

A photo of the wedding photographer Matt Badenoch down the pub

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