A London Pub Winter Wedding that was organised in just 3 weeks!

How to plan a wedding in 3 weeks?

That’s right Pearl and Hugo planned their entire wedding in only 3 weeks. Why you might ask? Well they’d met each other while both working in the TV industry. As much fun as they’d had they decided they’d like to do something a little different and both returned to University. Naturally being a student added budget and time constraints (all those lovely exams), so taking 2 years to plan an elaborate wedding just wasn’t realistic. When I spoke to Hugo 2 weeks before their wedding he told me the two most important things to them were 1) being married and 2) celebrating with their friends and family. Everything else was secondary. So they just went for it. They booked the registry office, a space and invite their favourite people and damn did their London pub winter wedding rock!

night portrait of bride and groom laughing in front of the vineyard in islington

An awesome wedding at Islington Town Hall and the Vineyard

Planning a wedding at short notice in winter, rather than summer, certainly has it’s advantages, especially when it comes to the registry office. While at Islington Town Hall I found out that on a peak date they could have up to 25 services. Wow! And they get booked up fast. Luckily on the 27th December they only had four services on, including Pearl and Hugos. It was my first time at Islington Town Hall and it’s dome room was pretty fun to shoot in. Following the service everyone popped across the road, I mean directly opposite, to the Vineyard Pub. Here an awesome buffet of canapés and other goodies was served up. Using just a Spotify play list, the music got cranked up and a spontaneous party broke out. As hopefully the photos below will demonstrate, you don’t even need a dance floor to have an epic party!

I found Pearl and Hugo’s wedding a great demonstration of what can happen when you just focus on what’s truly important to you and forget the rest. Wishing you both all the best in your future adventures together!!

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Ceremony: Islington Town Hall | Reception: Vineyard | Wedding Dress: George James Bridal

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