A Series of Photos from the London Pride Parade on June 27th 2015

Today (27th June 2015) the London Pride Parade hit the streets of central London. This was my first pride parade and I had a blast. Thousands lined the side of the street in support. Some estimated that this was the biggest march to date with over 30,000 joining in.

The Pride Parade Kicked off at 1pm

I spotted the start of the parade at 1pm and the end not until 4:40pm so this number is not hard to image. It was a sea of colours, energy and excitement. There was plenty of music and dancing, creating a party/carnival atmosphere. With flags, wristbands and stickers being handed out by the 250 groups taking part, it was hard not to get involved.

Same-Sex Marriages com to the USA

Boosted by the announcement yesterday of same-sex marriage being legalised nationwide in the US (the American flag joined those of Ireland and Mozambique at the front of the march) it was a true celebration.

This Year’s Theme was Pride Heroes

The theme of this year’s parade was Pride Heroes. People dressed up as Freddie Mercury, Stephen Fry and Alan Turing were visible in the crowd. From a motor bike gang, to a Brazilian carnival to soldiers shooting Putin with penis shaped water guns, it was quite an afternoon!

Below are a few of my favourite photos from London Pride Parade 2015.

London Pride Parade 2015 Photos by Matt Badenoch Photography.