A Bit of London Street Photography with the Muslim Ban Protest March

Breaking The Golden Rule

As part of my goal to photograph more outside of weddings, yesterday (4th Feb 2017) I popped along to the Muslim Ban Protest march in central London. One of the golden rules of business is to stay far away from political issues, but given that diversity is a key value of my business I thought I’d make an exception. Plus, I personally is the Muslim ban as more of a humanity issue rather than a political one.

A Surprising Carnival Spirit

The march had an almost carnival feel to it and the creativity that went into some of the signs was amazing. From a range of instruments to vocal chats it was a celebration of diversity.

Before jumping into the photos I’d like to share a personal favourite from the day. The below poem was read out during the march by Somaye Zadeh, an Iranian immigrant, and highlights a few of the many ways how we as both a society and as individuals have benefited from immigrants.

Somaye’s Poem

“My poem called I Am An Immigrant

I am an immigrant
I am every musical instrument
Every mathematical equivalent
From the essential chemical element
To every science experiment
I am an immigrant

I am a continental compliment
A fundamental sentiment
A French kiss, slipping from your lips
Enchanté, you get the gist?

I am that je ne sais quois
That joie de vivre
That bon apetit
That croissant you eat

I am those chips that goes with your fish
That very English, oh sorry Jewish dish
That Danish pastry
That makes life so tasty
That sweet little raisin
Hallelujah, that Lord you’re praisin’

The pyjamas you wear
The blonde in your hair
The khaki colour of your combat trousers
Wowzers, awesome, wassup?
I am the tea and your china cup
That Sugar so sweet
In everything you eat
Coffee from the Arabic street

Cappuccino Italiano
Pizza Americano
Classical piano
Salsa and tango

From the hollywood movie
To the bollywood groovie
That beautiful smoothie
So fresh and so soothing

Your Greek democracy
Your German aristocracy
Your whole philosophy
Based on Chinese meritocracy

From blues to that reggae song
The Latin roots of your mother tongue
I could go on and on
Till the break of dawn

So when you bang your racist drum
Remember Africa is where I’m from
So don’t be so ignorant
I am an immigrant”


Diversity within a community is a strength and I feel sorry for anyone who feels differently.