Reception at the House of Lords for World Homeless Day

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the World Homeless Day reception at the House of Lords. The Reception was organised by Caritas Anchor House. Speakers included the Legendary Jeremy Paxman, Rich Henderson (CEO of Homeless Link) and Monsignor John Armitage. Celebrity guests included Sol Campbell, Julie Etchingham and several members of European Royalty.

Jeremy Paxman as the Key Speaker

Paxman praised the Homeless London charity for their amazing work over the years:

“Caritas Anchor House does exactly what is needed. Any person who is reconstructing their life, after a period of homelessness, is doing something that is much bigger than anything I’ve ever had to do. It’s a major challenge for them and Caritas Anchor House helps them to do it through a tailored programme of activities.”

Seeing Jeremy Paxman speaking at the House of Lords was an honour. He was frank, to the point and his words were hard to argue with.