Gemma & Chris’s Fun Filled Super Hot Spring Wedding At Hampton Court House

Who remember’s that crazy hot weekend we had a couple of weeks back? The one where it hit 26 degrees in April and caught everyone by surprise! Well it was on that day that Gemma and Chris had their awesome Hampton Court House wedding. Ironically their reason for having an spring wedding was to avoid the heat. However, although unexpected, they embraced it like true champs. I later found out that both their parents had gotten married in in the summer of 1976 which was one of the hottest summers on records, so it was really cool that they had that legacy in common.

One of A Kind

My experience with Gemma and Chris was unique for a few reasons. I’ve been asked about my backup systems by couples in the past, but Gemma was the first to ever ask me “what happens if you die?”. This even got a mention in Chris’s speech on the wedding day. To be fair to Gemma we had consumed a fair amount of wine by this point in the evening. Which brings me on to the second unique part of our experience together. While meeting up for a catchup just before the wedding and after a fair bit of wine (I’m starting to see a pattern with these two…) we played Dobble! If you’ve never played Dobble before then you’ve been missing out. The only thing is that it does tend to bring out ones competitive side, which Gemma can probably attest to :) These two are so great together that each time hanging out with them has been an absolute joy.

Night portrait with bride and groom inside Hampton Court House

The Wedding Day

The wedding day itself was filled with energy, joy and awesome moments. Not only was the weather fantastic but everyone just gelled together to effortlessly. Gemma and Chris you’ve really got an amazing bunch of friends and family their. I was welcomed in like one of the gang and had a blast. I was also lucky enough to be sitting on the best table in the house (even if their luck didn’t hold for the Grand National). An added bonus was that the wedding took place at one of my favourite wedding venues – Hampton Court House. Not only is it a stunning venue with a homely charm, but it also has such an awesome team working there. A big thanks to Dee for being my voice-activated light stand for night portraits.

Thanks again Gemma and Chris for trusting me with your wedding photos and inviting me to be a part of your incredible day! I wish you all the best in your future adventure together!

Kudos to the Suppliers:

Venue: Hampton Court House | DJ: Mark Fine | Makeup & Hair: Tracy | Dress: Lindsay | Flowers: Suzie| Caterers: Carole | Cake: Lydia